Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bliss on my Fashion Sleeve !

The moment I saw the t-shirt on Facebook, I felt an instant attraction. The sort of feeling I get when I see I see an Anya Hindmarch collection. The process of ordering the t-shirt went smooth (like butter) thanks to the owner Laura Loves. Laura guided through the ordering process as I was insure what size to order, which is a girls worse topic to discuss.  At the time I was having difficulties with my blog, which I thought Laura would think are my own and that I was feeding her excuses after excuses, even though I wanted to show off my new t shirt in all it's glory.I was in fact eagerly waiting for it's arrival, waking up every morning like it was Christmas thinking to myself "Today the top will come !"
When the parcel containing the t-shirt I had ordered did arrive, I slowly opened it with precision even though it was just a parcel. It was obvious Laura had gone to much trouble when she wrapped the t-shirt even though it was the t-shirt I had ordered. The t-shirt was wrapped in Pink tissue, which I instantly adored. I was constantly asked where I had got the t-shirt from simply advising people to visit the online boutique of Laura Loves.
Back to the t-shirt at hand, not only was it comfortable to wear it also eye catching. I'm in love with t-shirt so much I have committed a Fashion Stylists' sin and wore it two days consecutively. To be honest I'm not worried about being judged knowing I'm in this very stylish top.

Have a look for yourself !

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Fashion doesn't die ! Just like love it moves on, without dwelling on the past, or what could of been