Thursday, 28 October 2010

I'm Dazed and Confused !

I recently completed my first photoshoot project for my second year at university.I worked within a group and we were required to source a location, clothing and model and complete the styling for the shoot.
The photoshoot was based around the Francis Bacon, who if you’re not familiar with his work, painted mostly distorted heads sometimes screaming and models in contorted poses.

The styling for the shoot was inspired by analysing the trends from this year’s London Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2011 Ready-to-Wear collections. We looked closely at the collections of Acne, Hannah Marshall, and Paul Smith. Who set the trends with tailoring, colour blocking and sheer fabrics.

Hannah Marshall


Paul Smith

We then had to decide what magazine our photographs best suited. My group and I decided on Dazed and Confused as we believed that the art direction of the photographs was similar to those within the magazine. I picked out what I thought were the best photographs from the photoshoot.

Styling, Photography, Hair and Make Up; Carmen Thompstone Pascoe, Rachel Quick and Michelle Makin.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My Loves and My Lusts !

This month, My Loves and My Lusts consists of my favourite designers, collections, trends and outfits from this years London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 Ready-to-Wear shows !

I loved Emilio de la Morena collection and in particular this peach/nude strapless peplum dress.

One of my favourite designers from the shows was Erdem who used a mixture of textured lace and floral prints throughout his collection. I wish I could show the whole collection but I've narrowed it down to my favourite three outfits.

If I could afford it I would buy this Jonathan Saunders outfit ! I loved how Jonathan Saunders used structured pleats and colour throughout his collection.

Another of my favourite designers from this years London Fashion Week was Holly Fulton. Who in her collection used mostly prints in particular geometric, aztec inspired prints. From her collection my favourite garment was an orange silk blouse. I'm not to sure about the skirt though !

I tried to narrow down the collection to a few of my favourites ! 
In my opinion these outfits would look amazing while on holiday ! 

Who was your favourite designer ?
Please share your comments and opinions !

Only in October !

Another month ! Another blog post ! Another list of things to do, watch, buy, drink and eat ! 

1) If you follow one person on Twitter, follow me ! The most obvious self advertisement going but oh well if you're on twitter follow @dressmeupinlove. Unfortunately, my heart on my fashion sleeve was too long ! 

2)  If you drink one this month try New Green Apple Smirnoff ! I'm a fond lover of Gin but lately my drink list is slowly but surely turning into a cocktail menu, probably down to this feature on my blog. I first tried this Green Apple Smirnoff with Lemonade while having after work drinks. Definitely worth a try !

3) If you hear one piece of good news this month it should be the fact that my beloved have introduced 20% student discount to their online store. Do you all know what this means ? Yeah, I'm going to be poor this year. Well at least I'll be stylish and poor !

4) If you buy one iPhone/iPad application this month, buy the Garment and Fashion Dictionary. Definitely one for for you fashionistas and bloggers. The app gives specific terminology for garments providing examples aswell. The app is available from iTunes and costs £1.19.

5) If you drink one cocktail this month drink Cosmopolitans. If you regularly read my blog you will notice that I mention the cocktail Mojitos alot. However while out for my mums birthday this month I decided to venture away from Mojitos and taste other cocktails on the menu. Let's just say I have fallen in love with Mojitos.

6) If you do one spontaneous thing this month, have a tattoo ! This month I decided to have a tattoo done and ended up having two done. My tattoos were planned and I knew what I wanted doing so they weren't so much spontaneous. But I love them !

7) If you buy one item of clothing, make sure you buy something to keep you warm ! Whether it's a scarf, ear warmers or a pair of gloves. Don't let the fact that the weather is turning colder stop you from showing off your fashion flare ! 

Why not treat yourself to a snood (A snood is a head/neck accessory which resembles a scarf/hood)! 
Like this leopard print snood from for £20
I also love these sheepskin mittens ! £39 from   

Monday, 4 October 2010

Once upon a Coco Boo . . .

It sounds like the perfect fashion fairytale, walking down an old cobbled road to a large dazzling room filled from ceiling to floor with on trend garments, up to date fashion and one of a kind pieces. Well the Jimmy Choo slipper fits, we've been rescued by our knight in shiny PPQ and we'll all live fashionably ever after. Thanks to Coco Boo !

This small boutique situated down the old cobbled Cannon Street, in Preston offers the latest fashion trends in womanswear. Although Coco Boo is tucked away from bustling Fishergate it has a strong following by the small number of fashion conscious followers living in the area. And if they're not close by they're choosing their favourite garments from Coco Boo's newly launched online store

After recently visiting the store for a gander at the rails I could easily pick out several garments I will be happily purchasing come pay day ! One of  them being this gorgeous leopard print which I think will go together with some simple black harem pants. Coco Boo is in safe hands as it is created by and run by two former UCLan Fashion students who definitely have the eyes for picking out clothes that any woman would want to wear. So make sure you visit Coco Boo which in my opinion is one of Preston's most hidden treasures and a fairytale come true !                           

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Buy of the Week ! # 4

I haven't posted on this feature for a while due to this little fashionista saving up her pennies for a few items of clothings that I see as an investment including a denim jacket and a fur coat. So apologies for my lack of blogging but my purse has been sealed shut for some time now. However, I went slightly cold turkey and had to give in to temptation when it came to a few things.

Firstly, in previous blogs I told you all to check out Gigi Vintage. An amazing online store created and run by a woman with an excellent eye for fashion. It was in my monthly blog, (more specifically Oh So September !) that I mentioned a beautiful floral print playsuit that went straight to the top of my must have list.

Well I ended up buying it ! Gigi Vintage sent it on time and in perfect condition ! I'll definitely be buying from the online store again !

My second purchase I see as both an investment and of educational value ! While scouring through the collections from LFW on the British Vogue website, they twisted my arm into buying a subsciption to the magazine. I don't know about anyone is but 10 issues for £19.99 in my opinion is value for money and will keep a smile on my face.