Saturday, 26 February 2011

Rihanna is a Trashion Icon !

Since posting on my blog about my groups decision to have a recycable material concept for our fashion shoot, I seem to be spotting this idea slowly evovling into a trashion (trash as fashion) trend.
Most recently I spotted Rihanna in her new controversial video for S&M wearing in a full length newspaper print dress.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

todays newspaper will be tomorrows dress !

While on a day trip to Blackpool I saw this outfit in a window next to the Winter Gardens. The garment is an evening wear dress made entirely of newspaper. The execution of this garment is amazing and anyone including myself could be fooled that the fabric of the dress is actually newspaper.

Seeing this dress was oddly a coincidence as my fashion image group and I have decided to use recyclable materials within our photo shoot for this module. As well as using newspaper we have decided to use black bin liner bags and toilet roll. Through a mixture of design and trial and error we have create three outfits that are on trend and wearable.

Our concept idea for this photo shoot reminded me of an episode of Project Runway where the designers had to construct garments out of paper.
 Here are my favourite examples !

Dress by Christopher Straub

Coat by Irina Shabayeva

Here some further examples I have found on the Internet !

Monday, 21 February 2011

Roses are Red ?

Day 7 - 20th February

Today, I made this flower corsage out of a black bin liner bag. I then used a gold marker on some of the edges of the flower. I created the corsage to be used as part of my photoshoot for my fashion image module where I have collaborated with two photography students. The fashion story behind our photoshoot is of a girls night out, and her outfits are made out of recyclable materials, one of them being black bin liner bags. This flower will be used as part of an outfit.

But it has become apparent that with so many silver and gold accessories available in today's fashion and retail industry, sometimes it's nice to try different alternatives to our standard metal options.
Rose gold is a type of gold and copper alloy that is beginning to surface as a popular trend for this years spring collections. The metal itself has a unique "rose" tint to it resulting in a warmer and more aged appearance than gold.

Designers from Dominic Jones to Michael Kors and House of Harlow 1960 to Murberry all at different price points are adopting the rose gold trend in their own aesthetic interpretation.

from keyboards to cocktails !

Day 6 - 19th February


Today was my very own Cinderella story, it started off as a very morbid day in the library, it was quiet, it was cold and the only thing getting me through my grueling afternoon was the large bag of Malteasers i'd bought from the shop.

Seven hours later . . .

My day went from rags to riches, as I had gone from working in the library to sipping cocktails with friends. My flatmates and I had got dressed up and gone out for a meal I drank lots of cocktails and lots of champagne. 

Peri Peri Painters !

Day 5 - 18th February

Today, my friend and I went to Nando's for a well deserved treat and catch up. 

Nando's have created covers for their menus with impressionist artwork based on four well known artists, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein and Joan Miro.

Pop Art Campbell's - Andy Warhol

Crying Girl - Roy Lichtenstein

Copa del mundo Espana - Joan Miro

Woman with a Flower - Pablo Picasso

I took a picture of the lighting within the restaurant because I was drawn towards the shape, colour and composition of the lampshades.

a chain reaction !

Day 4 - 17th February

Today I met up with my fashion image group carried on developing our ideas for our editorial fashion story. Our editorial story is based around recyclable materials, so in keeping with this theme we are using this idea throughout the entire styling of the fashion story, from the garments to the jewellery.

We collected chains, screws, nails and other D.I.Y equipment and decided to make pieces of jewellery out of them.  

Sunday, 20 February 2011

a fashion odyssey on an orange wednesday !

Day 3 - 16th February

Today my boyfriend took me to the Odeon to see the newly released film Paul.

The film was hilariously funny and the science fiction element of the movie made me think about those designers in the fashion industry who have used sci-fi and futurism as inspiration for their work.

Louise Goldin Spring 2010

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010

Gucci Spring 2010

This trend has multiple interpretations and styles, the most significant elements I have seen appear from designers are :
  • Fish or reptile scales making up futuristic forms
  • Metallic fabrics and detailing
  • Circuitry inspired patterns
  • Robotic inspired elements
  • Unusual and exaggerated silhouettes such as pointed and elaborate shoulders

Thursday, 17 February 2011

my love for !

This blog post is for the attention of anyone within the creative arts. If you are currently studying, working within or have a passion for the creative arts. Whether it's fashion, photography, graphic design, textiles, blogging or just retail shopping in general.

I have recently become Student Ambassador for the online fashion magazine which has been established since 1995.

I won't type masses of information on the magazine because the website and the artwork created on it seaks volumes all by itself. But I will tell you it is a great source for the current trends and catwalks show, inspirational within photography and fashion styling, the latest information on grooming and hair and make up trends and a highly visually creative and all round 'good read' blog posts.

Probably the best reasons to subscribe to is because it is completely free and because it is accessible through various social medias.

So subscribe to today for free -

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Follow on Twitter -!/fashion156

Thank You !

A Public Announcement ?

Day 2 - 15th February

While walking to uni I noticed this on the side of a building

I thought it was strange to see graffiti like this firstly because the statement is written out in English and not in text or slang language such as 'woz' instead of was or 'iz' instead of is, which is the sort of language commonly seen used in graffiti artwork.

Secondly, graffiti artists usually write their names, also known as tagging, on a building or private property. 

However, whoever has drawn this message for people to see obviously has something to say and has chosen a public and creative method to voice his or her opinion. 
This reminds me of the work of Banksy. Bansky is the fictional name of a British artist, political activist and painter who real name is unconfirmed. His artistic work regularly based around political and social issues have been featured on bridges, walls, and streets in cities throughout the world.

love is in the air !

For my fashion photography module I have been asked to document my day to day life through photographs.

Day 1 

On Valentine's Day my boyfriend came up to Preston to stay with me for a couple of days whilst on a rare occasion we both had some free time. Hayden (the boyfriend) stayed in my flat whilst I went to a lecture which was very annoying as no sooner had I said hello, I had to say goodbye.
However, when I did return back at my flat, I came back to a balloon filled bedroom. Hayden had spent the last two hours blowing up around 40 balloons.

This was my Valentine's Day card !

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Fashion Remastered !

Here are some editorial images I have created using photographs from a photo shoot I had previously carried out for uni project.

This image was inspired by a photograph I saw in  a Dazed and Confused editorial however I haven't been able to source the photographer. The editorial story was based on the idea of distortion.

This photograph was created based on the concept of the Rorschach or Ink Block Test.

This photograph was created without inspiration but with the concept of an image being repeated. I used a highlight and shadow tool on Adobe Photoshop to alter the models appearance.

Friday, 11 February 2011

a black and white cycle !

These next several images are from Cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model and were photographed by supermodel and host of the show Tyra Banks.
I have decided to add these photographs because they show how successful modern photography can be achieved in black and white through styling, lighting and location.

I love the exposed brick wall in the location, the hard rock and roll look of the model and the raw atmosphere created in this photograph.

I love the styling in this photograph and the avant garde pose.

I love the androgynous look in this photograph.

I hate goodbyes !

I decided to add this video because it is one of my favourite songs from Gentleman Prefer Blondes starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. I love how flawless both their hair, make up and styling is. Woman especially hollywood starlets of this time had impeccable personal taste and style when it came to fashion.

love for leibovitz !

I recently looked into the work of Annie Leibovitz who has been a photographer since the 1970's when she worked for the Rolling Stones. In 2007 she was hired by Disney to shoot celebrities in various roles and scenes. Although I thought these photographs were successful and didn't want to include them in my blog because they don't reflect the type of photography I enjoy taking.

Here are a few photographs taken by Annie Leibovitz that I like.

This photograph is of Nicole Kidman. I love the lighting, location and styling of this photograph. The location and the dress gives the photography a rich and glamourous atmosphere. This photograph reminds me of the Chanel No 5 advert featuring Nicole Kidman. 

I added this photograph because I like the chair being in an outdoor location. The location and styling gives the photograph a fairy tale feel. I also like the fact the photograph is in black and white.

I think this photograph is very abstract. Although there is little styling in the photograph I like the mask that is shaped like a coffee mug. My favourite part of this photograph is the models hair, make up and the coffee mug mask.

I like the concept of this photograph of one live model half naked waiting to be dresses amongst several mannequins with dresses on. If the model wasn't in the photograph I think this would be just a picture of inside a designers studio but the fact the model is on the table makes it more surreal.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Everybody Hearts Mario !

Venturing into the world of fashion photography, a name I'm already familiar with is Mario Testino. He has become one of the world's most well known and celebrated fashion photographers. Mario has shot fashion stories for a whole host of designers such as Salvatore Ferregamo and Versace and fashion magazines including Vogue, Allure, GQ. His celebrity cliental include Madonna, Lady Gaga, and models such as Tyra Banks and Kate Moss  He is credited for revival of designer house Gucci, after fashion stylist Carine Roitfeld and himself drawn in attention to the house through provocative advertising campaigns in the mid 1990's.

Here is a video clip of Kristen Stewart shot by Mario Testino for February 2011 Vogue magazine. In my opinion the video has the effect of being shot like a home movie, which makes the video charismatic and appealing.

This next series of images is photographs taken by Mario Testino for the Valentino S/S 2005 Couture collection. I adore the 1950's glamour and elegance of the styling and photographs which still have a modern twist.

The photographs have a timeless feeling to them which in my opinion is due to the fact the photographs have been taken in black and white which is my on preferred method of photography. However through the styling of the clothes and through the photography the essence of the fashion house is kept alive.

This is my favourite photograph from the fashion story. It reminds me of a 1950's Hollywood starlet such as Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe.

Friday, 4 February 2011

i heart my bag !

I saw this image in a page of my Cath Kidston catalogue as part of an editorial feature on their bag collection. I think it so adorable ! I found the image at a perfect time as it fits in nicely with my new purchase which is my Buy of the Week.

This is my gorge new bag which I unexpectedly bought as an impulse buy. I bought it from the high street store Bank which I usually stay very clear of because I associate the store with brands such as Henley which I really really don't like. The bag was in a window display and immediately caught my attention. There are three compartments including a zipped middle pouch.