Thursday, 14 November 2013

Glitter Bomb on My Sleeve !

As consumers splurge and do their part to help the economy in the best city known to man, Manchester. And without the technicality of the Royal family living in London, my brown eyes would suggest and put forward that the majestic and fashion forward city of Manchester be the capital of England.
However, this is not the meaning of this post. For people who decide to read this, to hear about my love turned to addicted love with the humble city I live in. I have to sometimes remind myself that this is a blog about the latest in everything Fashion, and that not everyone is like myself when it comes to Fashion. I believe when I was born into the world, I was wearing a pair of high heels, probably Valentino or Vivienne Westwood. I am for ever reminding myself ‘Michelle not everyone has the same Fashion knowledge as you’ or ‘Michelle not everyone can style themselves or others as good as you’.
I watched today as the crowds of people awaited for H&M to open (I know this because I was in that crowd). The crowd looked like a herd of sheep in a field grazing (which reminds me of the Graze box I have recently tried and would recommend to others). The fashion followers were awaiting the launch of the Isabel Matara Collection for H&M. When the barriers arose and the doors were flung open the droves of followers quickly scavenged for anything and everything they could possess. In my opinion it did not matter if the garments from the newly released collection that the followers had managed to rummage together did not match, if the garments did create a whole outfit or if styling had gone indefinitely out of the window (which infact on closer look were actually absent from the H&M Market Street, Manchester Store and I don’t suspect any of the lucky followers had even took time to notice this fact as they were too busy inspecting the Isabel Matara Collection). When it comes to collection itself on first look and actually I thought everything to be basic and all around highly generic. Matara probably designed everything with the average H&M consumer in mind, with ever garment in the collection going with another with collection that H&M had to offer. This piece of trickery was done intentionally, therefore making every garment profitable, which in tail would be the very reasoning why H&M would do collaboration with Isabel Marant in the first place.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Geek Chic - The Accidental Trend (All Over My Heart on My Fashion Sleeve)

It all started with just one man. One man who accidentally went out dressed up to the absolute maximum in what he thought was just a generally dressed up outfit that all fashionistas were when styling themselves for a day out in town to accumulate even more garments. His hair in a rugged but smart looking quiff held in place by a questionable amount of gel. A Ralph Lauren suit jacket just to prove that there was the consideration of appearing smart. And it successfully fulfilled it’s job, Prada chinos, with a simple salmon pink shirt from Topshop (with an accidental ketchup stain on the left side)
 But what he presumed (I was taught to never presume) was just an ordinary looking outfit came to be a trend. A trend that would indefinitely come to be duplicated all over the world. Actually in fact this trend was recreated all over the runways of London, Paris and Milan. It is evident to see that many designers drew inspiration from this what I would call accidental trend. 
So when you are next waiting for a bus or you are waiting in a queue to pay just think to yourself did you think about what you are wear because someone else could of.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Every season has a story! Every story has a season! (On a fashion sleeve)

Any fashion conscious or respectable person would understand the importance of a trend whether it be Missoni’s hectic print or the use of a selection of headwear worn by the models showcasing the creations of Alexander McQueen. Trends arise straight from the catwalk and slowly but surely work their way down the converbelt of fashion into our fashion brand stores where they are dissected and manipulated into profitable garments.

The very reason for me writing about this is through no fault of my own fashionable self I have noticed the ever increasing number of Cath Kidston merchandise roaming the street. I admit, I’m guilty and I’ve catched this bug as I pour of Peppermint and Lime tea from my Cath Kidston teapot into a Cath Kidston teacup with matching saucer.

Monday, 11 November 2013

House of Thrift (on a fashion sleeve) !

It has only recently become apparent to myself after a friend commented on my blog, that the name of the post has no connection with its title. But then again why would it if the blog post and it’s heading were about the same subject would it even matter that the two had totally different names. Who would notice or find it deceiving or concerning for that matter.
I’ve admitted to being judgemental when it comes to other peoples styling options, which yes i admit is a very rude trait to have and I find myself being judgemental even when I am wearing a questionable outfit for example sportswear when I have no intension of going to the gym. But now more so than ever I have a reason for being this way. I recently started a internship with Spottin Style, this is due to the fact that since I finished University jobs have been highly scarce. Although this job is unpaid and at a internship level I am gaining social needs and putting my disgusting trait to good use.
My first assignment since I joined Spottin Style may not sound very glamorous however what I found out whilst completing it was eye opening and made me question the styling choice I had made before leaving the house.
Do any of us think about the hat and sometimes gloves we wear before leaving the house? I would presume that we didn’t think about it from a styling prospect. We are all guilty of this and we are more concerned with the question – Is it going to do its job and keep me warm? On my travel to certain destinations I spotted an array of hats from bobby to beret!
I bought a light pink beret because now after this assignment I definitely now will make a conscious decision as to what hat I will put on my head. I hope you do the same.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sunday Jam (On My Fashion Sleeve)

So, what the hell are you suppose to write about or should I say blog about when you have been out of the blogging business for a good solid two years. I had already decided the name of this post (Sunday Jam) when I saw it in my Twitter feed. I instantly adored it, and for no apparent reason. So thank you to the person responsible.
I think/know I am the only person to blame when it comes to the lack of blog posts on this web site, but hopefully all will change as I intend to blog every day. I assume it’s just a guessing game of whether or not people will actually view/read this. This has always puzzled me when it came to bloggers and their intentions because many bloggers post about themselves which is basically like a diary for all to read. I definitely will post only the one time about myself and if I do terribly go on with myself I will keep it to a bare minimum, a paragraph I promise.
So as I have only this post to explain the reasoning for the absence from the blogging world I best get my move on. However seeing as it has been as long as it has I think no amount of explaining could forgive the substantial time it has been. To be honest with anyone who is reading this I don’t think I could conjure up a believable reason for my absence, so am not going to bother.
Enough of my rambling on let’s get down to business – I honestly feel like I just rushed everything. I returned to University to soon and after the eventful event basically tried doing to much to with the    hobbies that enjoyed doing paying the ultimate price. My rush back to university just goes to show how much I loved doing the course I was studying which I don’t think most students could say. My life and everything about it were in my eyes almost perfect. I was at university, studying a course that I was good at and reeping the benefits of, I was in a long, committed relationship with a boy who I could see myself with for the rest of my life and I would be totally and 100 % with that.
In some ways I believe I had it all to soon and through no fault of my own I have lost it all. If someone a year ago was to look at me I could honestly say I didn’y have my life together, however after two years I can without a shadow of a doubt say (even if people don’t believe it) that Michelle Makin has got her life together. It may be a lonely life but that won’t be forever..It might be a life where I’m not happy about my personal appearance but that is sure to change (believe you me). It also might be a life that I’m not happy with but element to element I intend to change. People are forever saying ‘we want the old Michelle back’ I’m getting there but just like all things it will take me some time.
I would like this blog to be one that is happy and fashion fuelled if that is possible but I think that goes to show I want and always want my life to be. Not that there is anything wrong with but I don’t intend to be a ‘happy-go-lucky’ sort of person but I believe this could be the reason why say for instance in a relationship although I do put my whole self in it I sometimes don’t agree with the way in which some females play their role in it. This might just be personal opinion however I do have a strong case against many women and the way they act when they are in a relationship.
I’ve done it. I’ve said in this post how I wasn’t going to go on with myself, I might as well on took a selfie of myself and uploaded it to Instagram.