Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I'd Die to Be a Model !

Nearly all women envy them ! Their looks ! Their dress size ! Their lifestyle ! But not all is perfect in the modeling world. The glitzy lifestyle we see on such programmes as America's Next Top Model and Project Runway mask the true severity of a underlining problem. 
The hidden issue surrounding the fashion and modeling world was brought to everyones attention when in September 2007 Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani's photographs of anorexic model Isabella Caro were used in an advertising campaign to highlight and promote awareness of anorexia.

French model Isabella appeared on C4's Supersize vs Superskinny which aired on 11 March 2008, in which she spoke to journalist Anna Richardson about her anorexia.Caro was hospitalized for the first time when she was 20. At her worst, in 2006, she slipped into a coma, weighing just 55 pounds (25 kg). The doctor said she wouldn't survive the coma but she did.Caro was also interviewed in the second episode of TV documentary series, The Price of Beauty, which Jessica Simpson and her two best friends Ken Pav├ęs and CaCee Cobb travel all over the world to explore the meaning of true beauty. Jessica would like to know how female models for fashion modeling have become obsessed with being skinny as one of bad beauty regimes.
Today it was announced that Isabella Caro died on 17th November 2010 at the age of 28, Her longtime acting instructor, Daniele Dubreuil-Prevot, told that Caro died after returning to France from a job in Tokyo. Dubreuil-Prevot said she did not know the cause of death but that Caro "had been sick for a long time," referring to her anorexia.

R.I.P Isabella Caro

My Loves ! My Lusts !

Sales really do leave me puzzled, some may agree and some may disagree with my theory and views on the matter. I see sales as a shops attempt to get rid of stock they couldn't sell when it was first brought to the shop. So just because a garment has 50% or 75% off it's original price doesn't make the actual garment any more appealing, only it's price. Personally I am not fooled ! If I'm not going to by a garment when it first arrives at a shop, I'm not going to buy it six months later just because it's in a sale. I think I'm less likely to buy it during the sales because of how irate and violent some women actually get but more importantly I'm not fooled by shops methods of selling clothes especially to those with little or no fashion sense or awareness.

This edition of My Loves ! My Lusts ! is based upon my visit to Selfridges today ! As I made my way to the third floor I attempted to dodge the elbows and barges from frantic shopaholics who have their eyes set on last years collections haphazardly hanging on the sale rails. I was instantly drawn to Sonia Rykiel's new collection hanging proudly near the cashiers desk.

I picked out this jumper which I love and I am definitely lusting after due to it's price tag of £360.
I think this grey jumper is simplistic but quirky at the same time. It is a classic trademark knitwear from Sonia Rykiel and made from 100% cashmere wool. I would wear this with leggings and ankle or pixie boots. Sonia Rykiel is available at Selfridges and also online at !

My second lust I also found while perousing around Selfridges. This time from designer brand Acne. This cut racer back tank has  circular printed lettering, a scooped neckline and deep cut armholes which I particular like vests and tanks to have. This top is priced at £70 and is also available in black. I would wear this top with hareem pants or skinny jeans.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Ghost of Christian Dior's Past !

My next project was entitled 'Spirit of the Fashion House'. For this project I was given an A-Z list of 22 designers/fashion houses that I had to research. I was then asked to pick one which I would then research more in depth and then carry out a photo shoot to create a double page spread for my chosen designer. The double page spread had to be then edited to create an advertising campaign for a perfume for my chosen designer/fashion house. The advertising campaign had to capture the essence and spirit of the fashion house.
I decided to research Christian Dior, more inparticular Christian Dior the 1950's. The majority of my research, both text and image, came from a book called Christian Dior by Diane de Marly. I loved it so much I bought it.

From reading the book, especially the chapters on his work during the 1950's, I discovered how Dior came about creating the 'H' line and 'A' line, what colours, shape, fabric and silhouette he preferred to use, and how the war effected his fashion designs and decisions at this time. I learnt that Dior's designs whether a coat, dress or two piece suit always accentuated the waist. Volume was a key word in Dior's designs for skirts and dresses which at the time was controversial as during the war money and fabrics were limited. Whilst completing this project I had to assure that I only took influences from the 1950's and did not imitate previous trends or advertising campaigns.

My favourite image from this book was an illustration by Rene Gruau of a Christian Dior design. The hat  is amazingly extravagant and luxurious and the dress is elegantly sexy. The models waist is accentuated with a small skinny belt which I think I will use as inspiration in my photo graphs. Hopefully I can attend the Rene Gruau exhibition currently showing at Somerset House, as I think his fashion illustrations are incredible. 

Using these images and further research I had completed I carried out my photo shoot in Harris Museum in Preston town centre. I chose this location because of it's old furniture and features such as the staircase and marble flooring. I must thank Steven Walker who is Front of House Manager for allowing me to shoot within the Museum. Thank you to Nick Roberts for lending me his camera on such short notice. Finally, thank you to Becky Leadbetter who modelled tremendously for me in such extreme weather conditions. 

I sourced a black dress which I customised by adding a small split near the bust and added a petti-coat underneath to create volume. I added a small black patent skinny belt to the waist to accentuate it similar to Dior's designs of the 1950's. I put lace gloves on my model as through researching and looking at images I noticed models wearing them. However to make my photograph more apparent I put lace gloves on my models as lace is on trend and was seen in the Spring 2011 collection runway shows of designers such as Erdem. As well as noticing gloves as a chosen accessory, I noticed that in the 1950's hats were worn a lot by the models. Once again to keep my photographs recent and on trend I sourced a embellished head band which had a vintage and glamourous look to it. 
During post editing I changed my photo graphs from colour to black and white as I thought the design and atmosphere I was trying to achieve worked more successful in black and white. 

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Buy of the Week !

As it was my birthday last week I felt it was only right to have a new birthday suit for the occasion, even if I was turn the miserable age of 22  ! Not being one to follow the masses I opted for a birthday playsuit !

This sequined playsuit is from, £75.

The pattern and shape of the sequins on the playsuit reminded me of feathers on a bird so I bought this peacock feather hair clip from Primark, £2.50

Monday, 20 December 2010


As well as being signed up, having an account and using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social networking site I have joined Flickr. Here I will share photographs from university work and freelance work I have photographed myself or created the styling for. If any followers or readers also have an account leave your URL in the comment box !

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Who is Harald Glockler ?

While browsing through the best and worst of Sky's christmas tv listings, I came across a one hour documentary entitled 'Harald Glockler Prince of Fashion'. So who is Harald Glockler ?

From watching the programme my first impression of Harald is that he is a mixture of a flamboyant german version of Karl Lagerfeld covered in diamonds and Sacha Baron Cohen's charachter Bruno. After researching into the designers life it seems that Sacha Baron Cohen was in fact inspired by Glockler when creating the character Bruno.

Glockler has been quietly but succesfully building his empire in his home of Germany. Selling everything from Fashion, Jewellery, Perfume and Homeware, Glockler has decided to showcase his collections to London's fashion audience in the hope of making a name for himself within the elites of London's fashion world.
From watching this documentary I discovered that Glockler designs Haute Couture gowns with a Victorian/British Heritage inspiration. His gowns are highly regal, looking fit for royality with corset style bodices and long silk trains, and most commonly accessorised by being dripped in Glockler's diamond jewellery pieces.

Did anyone else watch the documentary ? Has anyone ever heard of the German fashion designer ? If you have or haven't, what do you think of him and his designs ?

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Buy of the Week !

Buy of the Week ? Haha when was the last time I could say that. With my lack of money and lack of time due to copious amounts of university work I haven't actually physically been out and bought something nor been online and purchased something that is remotely worth taking and uploading photographs to show you and explain the reason for this purchase. 
On the other hand (or should I say foot in this case). this purchase might be slightly two faced as I have a strong opinion when it comes to trends and shops. As in Topshop and military style lace up boots. That for some reason that is dubious to me, men have decided looks good half laced up and tucked into their baggy jeans. And nearly all girls (especially those in fashion courses) have. I can hand on heart (and on my fashion sleeve) say that my boots are not from Topshop and were not bought with any intention of looking like they were from Topshop ! No offence to the thousands of you out there that went to Topshop and bought the boots because you have "individual style". 

I found these dark brown leather lace up boots in a charity shop for £5.99 !

My Loves ! My Lusts !

This week due to researching for a project I stumbled upon a photographer who's work seems to be quickly growing on me. Ruven Afanador is considered one of the worlds leading photographers working in celebrity portraits and fashion. His work has appeared in the most major fashion maagazines in the world and he has shot celebrities from Dita Von Teese to Brooke Shields. Here are my favourite celebrity portraits he has taken.

Brooke Sheilds

Dita Von Teese

Cate Blanchett

Jennifer Connelly

At the moment as well I have been updating and developing the knowlegde of well known, legendary and upcoming models. I adore Lara Stone but if I stated lust this may start rumours. I don't know whether it's her trademark gap inbetween her teeth or her off balance runway walk, however whatever it may be it's working for the Dutch model, as her list of advertising campaigns features such brands as Calvin Klein and Versace and she has walked in the fashion shows of designers such as Chanel, Fendi, Jean Paul Gaultier and Victoria's Secret to name a few. Here are a few photographs from editorials I love the most !

Calvin Klein Make Up

Photography By Mario Testino

W Magazine

And finally it would be highly inappropriate (even if this is a fashion related blog) to not mention the snow, Which has left me very cold but in a jolly loving mood. 

The view from my window

Saturday, 20 November 2010

like mother, like daughter !

We're told on a frequent basis by family and friends that we've got our mother's eyes or our mother's smile but how often are you told you've got you're mother's style ? I think many of us at a young age looked up to and aspired to be like our mothers as we smeared her favourite red lipstick all over our face and clogged about in front of the mirror in her high heels. Nowadays young children seem to have the fashion knowledge, confidence and money to pull it off or is it pressure to be a style icon.

Katie Holme's and Tom Cruise's daughter Suri caused controversy when she appeared out shopping with her mum in high heels but the question is did the three year old dress herself. Katie Holmes claims that her daughter has been designing and choosing her own clothes since she was 18 months old !

Willow Smith this year shared the front row at Dolce and Gabbana show at Milan Fashion Week with her  mother Jada Pinkett Smith and celebrities such as singer Kylie Minogue and catwalk queen Naomi Campbell. The pint sized ten year old is already known for her unique sense of style and outrageous outfits.

Who else can say by the age of 13 that they've been in a Madonna  video, have your own clothing line and graced the cover of a European magazine. It sure does help to be Madonna's daughter !
Lourdes was the cover girl of European magazine Quality and has recently worked alongside her mother on a clothing range called Material Girl for New York department store Macy's.

So are the celebrities of today using their status and wealth to turn their daughters into little mini version of themselves or is it just a simple case of like mother, like daughter.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

I'm Dazed and Confused !

I recently completed my first photoshoot project for my second year at university.I worked within a group and we were required to source a location, clothing and model and complete the styling for the shoot.
The photoshoot was based around the Francis Bacon, who if you’re not familiar with his work, painted mostly distorted heads sometimes screaming and models in contorted poses.

The styling for the shoot was inspired by analysing the trends from this year’s London Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2011 Ready-to-Wear collections. We looked closely at the collections of Acne, Hannah Marshall, and Paul Smith. Who set the trends with tailoring, colour blocking and sheer fabrics.

Hannah Marshall


Paul Smith

We then had to decide what magazine our photographs best suited. My group and I decided on Dazed and Confused as we believed that the art direction of the photographs was similar to those within the magazine. I picked out what I thought were the best photographs from the photoshoot.

Styling, Photography, Hair and Make Up; Carmen Thompstone Pascoe, Rachel Quick and Michelle Makin.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My Loves and My Lusts !

This month, My Loves and My Lusts consists of my favourite designers, collections, trends and outfits from this years London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 Ready-to-Wear shows !

I loved Emilio de la Morena collection and in particular this peach/nude strapless peplum dress.

One of my favourite designers from the shows was Erdem who used a mixture of textured lace and floral prints throughout his collection. I wish I could show the whole collection but I've narrowed it down to my favourite three outfits.

If I could afford it I would buy this Jonathan Saunders outfit ! I loved how Jonathan Saunders used structured pleats and colour throughout his collection.

Another of my favourite designers from this years London Fashion Week was Holly Fulton. Who in her collection used mostly prints in particular geometric, aztec inspired prints. From her collection my favourite garment was an orange silk blouse. I'm not to sure about the skirt though !

I tried to narrow down the collection to a few of my favourites ! 
In my opinion these outfits would look amazing while on holiday ! 

Who was your favourite designer ?
Please share your comments and opinions !