Tuesday, 28 June 2011

this is a man's world ?

Now more so then ever, menswear has played a predominant role in fashion. With men becoming more aware and conscious about their appearance and what they wear. In their previous runway shows designers including YSL and Dolce & Gabbana showcased drop crotch trousers for men in an array of fabrics such as Denim. HIgh street stores such as Topman and All Saints have adopted this trend as well as low cut v-neck, teardrop t shirts, scarfs, and braces. Pop culture influences such as pop bands JLS and The Wanted, and television reality show Geordie Shore have lead to these trends having a surge of male followers who unlike the average woman are not phased by the fact that someone stood right next to them is wearing the exact same outfit. Did I miss something here ? Since when are men more conscious about what they wear then women. And since when and why did women become attracted to this new breed of "males" ? In my opinion a man who has a knowledge of fashion is a keeper, and every woman loves a good six pack. But the fashion choices some men are making today questions their masculinity.

Gerodie Shore's Gary in a low cut vest !

Geordie Shore's James in an even lower cut vest !

Drop croth chinos.

Luckily Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have put the masculinity back in menswear with their Spring 2012 collection. The influence for the collection was netting whether it be the net of an Italian fisherman or the net of an Italian footballer. Netting was apparent throughout the collection from jackets, to trousers to shoes. The collection consisted of silhouettes of casual, smart and sportswear in colours and tones of black and grey. 

The design duo did what they do best creating beautifully tailored and crafted suits. Which were made even more beautiful by Dolce & Gabbana model, David Gandy. Like my mum says there's nothing better then a man in a suit.

I'm thankful I can count on two gay Italian men who know how to dress men !

Photographs from Style.com and MTV
Videos from YouTube

Friday, 24 June 2011

Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend !

I don't know whether it is because I'm a fashion styling student, I'm terribly spoilt or because I have a love for fashion, but I have managed to accumulate a large amount of clothes and accessories. To give you a rough estimate I have enough clothes to fill three or four wardrobes. So in attempt to earn some money (probably for more clothes) and to clear my over bulging wardrobe, I have decided to place some items on ebay. So far I have only put jewellery on my ebay page, but given time I will be selling vintage and high street clothing, and also accessories such as handbags and shoes. So keep checking my blog for news of new items up for sale.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Money Can't Buy You Style !

The infamous white halter neck dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch was recently auctioned off. The dress was previously owned by Debbie Reynold's whose dreams of establishing a Hollywood Museum of memorabilia were never fulfilled. Reynold's purchased the dress for $200 (£123) however at auction the dress became the most expensive dress ever sold, fetching $4.6 million (£2.8 million).

The most expensive dress was previously coincidentally also a Marilyn Monroe gown, that she wore while singing 'Happy Birthday Mr. President'

Photograph from Google Images
Videos from YouTube

My Loves ! My Lusts !

So the Summer season should be upon us, although looking out of my window this statement is questionable. And my new summer wardrobe is slowly but surely building up. I'm dedicating this edition of My Loves ! My Lusts ! to my favourite items I've bought so far. I'm sure there will be more to come !

Cream Sheer Cape Top, from Yayer.

Floral Midi Skirt, from New Look.

Brown Pleated Midi Skirt, from Primark.

Tan Brown Suede Loafers, from asos.com.

Red Bow Jelly Shoes, from Miss Selfridge

Blue Silk Scarf, from TK Maxx

What key trends are you following this Summer ?
What have you bought for your own Summer wardrobe ?

Monday, 20 June 2011

I love my job !

The weekend of the 11th and 12th June I worked with my university, The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). On this weekend we created a fashion styling event called the 'Stylists Closet' which in a previously published post I explained was an opportunity for the general public to receive style consultations and fashion advice. The two day event was a huge success with a chance for us to give out free advice and tips to the general public and to bring awareness to the university and the wide range of fashion courses they offer.
During the two days I was able to gain hands on experience in Personal Styling, with the help of the fabulous Emma Jade Parker and Steven Spencer who have worked professionally in Personal Styling for many years.
I carried out 15 minute consultations to a few women which included a face shape, body shape and colour analysis. As I completed each consultation I gained more confidence whilst carrying them out !

I think the whole event was made all the more better by the fabulous job that the Interior Design team did in creating a vintage travellers theme to the whole event. I especially adored the various coloured and shaped lampshades hanging from the ceiling. Here are some photographs of the interior decor which was sourced and designed by Interior Design students from UCLan !

Friday, 17 June 2011

Photography vs Filmography

Since the first issue of Vogue was published in 1892, magazines have been at the forefront and the chosen media for which we view the fashion world. Whether it be an interview, trend pages or an editorial feature it seems that fashion followers prefer flicking through the pages of a publication. However, as technology and social media advances we are now able to receive and view fashion in arguably improved means of media. Fashion has gone digital with many publications, such as Dazed&Confused having not only a published magazine, but also an online presence and a phone application. In a world where we can now access the internet on the go anywhere and anytime on iPhones and iPads, we are able to gain news and information much faster and more conveniently. I guess the questions are; which do people prefer ? Do we prefer models and the clothes they are wearing to stand in statuesque poses or watch them in movement ? Will technological advances affect the publication world ?

To help answer these questions I have chosen examples of fashion photography and fashion film. 

This editorial feature from Fashion156.com is a retro inspired day out at the beach.

This fashion film directed by James Carver-Grenside is Fashion156.com's latest film, At The Lakes.

Personally, I don't think there is a better feeling then the excitement of when Vogue magazine comes through the letter box. If I'm bored, stressed or in a bad mood it instantly lifts my spirits. I giggle each month as my Vogue magazine is delivered because the envelope has 'do not bend' and 'handle with care' written on it as if I was having the holy bible sent to my house. (Vogue technically is my bible as I read it religiously and look to it for help and advice!). On the other hand I do enjoy being able to browse through fashion photography and fashion film from the internet which I can look up at my convenience. I love nothing more then being on a train and being able to browse through the latest issue of Dazed&Confused thanks to my iPhone application. I think the direction that technology is heading we will see the way we access fashion follow the same path. However, in my opinion no matter how technical and digital the world becomes there will still be those who will still purchase, cherish and love nothing more then a hard copy of a fashion publication, me including ! 

Share your opinion and comments on this topic.

Photographs and Film courtesy of Fashion156.com

Monday, 13 June 2011

Fall in Love with Michalis Christodoulou !

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter have been a god send for those in creative art careers. It has become the most successful and effective way for people to connect. Fashion bloggers, online stores, Fashion designers, PR companies, online magazines and companies have been able to network, making their careers and business thrive. Whilst on Twitter I decided to follow a Fashion Illustrator called Michalis Christodoulou. I checked out his website and after looking through his portfolio I was highly impressed ! 
Fashion illustrator Michalis is based in London. His hand drawn illustrations are created using a mixture or ink and watercolours. His work consists of editorial and fashion advertising commissions. In my opinion Michalis' strongest illustrations are those of catwalk shows. 

Here's are my favourite illustrations by Michalis.

Alexander McQueen A/W 2009/2010

Christian Dior Couture S/S 2011

Marc Jacobs S/S 2011

Christian Dior Couture A/W 2010/2011

Michalis' illustrations have been featured in several publications including Ballad Magazine, Amelia's Magazine and he currently works for online fashion company Dressipi. Michalis Christodoulou's illustrations look timeless and effortless however every detail of the garments is present. His ability to capture the elegance and glamour created by designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior portrays just how talented he is. I predict I'll see alot more of his work soon !
Make sure you have a look on his website !
Follow Michalis Christodoulou's success on Twitter !

Photographs courtesy of Michalis Christodoulou. 

my love for you returns !

my heart on my fashion sleeve is back !
I'll be publishing more posts and more of my own photography, 
as well as usual features such as My Loves ! My Lusts !
What does everyone think ?

Photograph by Milton Greene

Sunday, 12 June 2011

rebuilding my heart !

I have decided to reinvent, redesign, reconstruct and overall spruce up my blog ! 
So unfortunately I won't be publishing any posts for a short time !
However, keep up to date with my heart on my fashion sleeve on Facebook and Twitter !
Look out for the launch of the all new my heart on my fashion sleeve !