Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Be the Top Gun !

We're approaching A/W 2010 and beginning to learn the trends of the season, there's a surprising comeback from the 80's. 

 Made iconic by Tom Cruise in Top Gun !

The aviator flight jacket has landed !

As models strutted down the runway at House of Holland and Burberry Prorsum, they looked ready for take-off ! 

Check out Alexa Chung in a brown leather flight jacket !

After searching about I found a few of my favourite aviator jackets that are available to buy !

 From Reiss, £325 !

This 1960's black leather flight jacket priced at £195 is available from Rokit Vintage Shop and Rokit's online store .Buy Me !

Friday, 27 August 2010

My Loves and My Lusts !

Another new feature to My Heart On My Fashion Sleeve ! And I hope my blog isn't making me look self obsessed ! This new feature My Loves and My Lusts may appear at any time on my blog unlike the other features when I know I'll buy something new weekly, or have words of wisdom from Marilyn, or what I think is the must haves for each month. Basically this feature all depends on what I see and where I see it whether it be in a magazine, on the street, in a shop etc. Like all my other features on my blog this one is pretty much self explanatory. So have a nosey and see what I am loving and lusting after ! And feel free to leave a comment !

This first photo is an ad campaign for YSL, in this months Elle UK magazine. Althought I know it is YSL I cant help but be reminded of the film Coco Chanel, to be honest I think it's all due to the staircase ! I Love the fact the photograph is in black and white which gives off a romantic feel to the picture. The stance of the model is very straight forward but highly effective. I Love the styling in this picture as you are immediately drawn to the clothes and not the model because you can't see her face. I'm sure she is a beautiful woman but the main focal point of this composition should be the clothes.

My next photo is a definite Lust. I was out shopping with friends and spotted this jumper as I worked past, I thought it was adorable. The black and white heart printed culotte shorts are pretty to but i wouldn't necessarily put the two garment together. The jumper also comes in white aswell as grey, I'll judge which colour jumper I'm going to buy when 1) I've tried it on and more importantly 2) when i have the money to buy it !

This photograph is from the new Cath Kidston catalogue which had a vintage theme to it. I absolutely Love these pocket watches as they remind me of the one I got off my grandad which was owned by my grandma ! Pocket watches and watches on necklaces have become an accessories trend lately but there's nothing like owning a truly vintage one !

To Design or Not to Design ?

We first met socialite Olivia Palermo working alongside Whitney Port at DVF, in the MTV show The City.

The reality/drama tv show portrays Olivia as the catty co worker, who did little work but got alot of credit.
However, Olivia is proving her reputation wrong and making her own name for her self. By collaborating with world famous designer Roberta Freymann.

The City star is releasing a jewellery line with Roberta Freymann, reports say the inspiration for the collection is Olivia's favourite cities. The collection will be called Roberta Freymann Byl Olivia Palermo.

In my opinion the jewellery pieces have a very ethnic/aztec look. And should look like they go with only garments with a scoop neckline but as Olivia proves (picture to right) they add instant glamour to any outfit ! So why should any one show interest in Olivia Palermo's style, taste and aesthetic ?

Eversince Olivia graced our screens it was clear from the start that Olivia had impeccable taste, why else would she land to die for jobs at DVF and Elle. 
Through her socialite status she has been fortunate enough to befriend designers. Designers that we can only dream will one day be garments or accessories in our wardrobes. Designers such as Zac Posen and Marc Jacobs. It is evident that Olivia's array of outfits are inspired by what she sees whilst travelling the fashion capitals Paris, New York and our very own London. Is it worth pointing out that Olivia is photographed daily in Topshop ?

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Marilyn Quote of the Week ! #6

"I don't mind living in a mans world as long as I can be a woman in it." - Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Pop Art !

Celebrity collaborations and endorsements frequently occur and appear on our TV screens and in the pages of our magazines !

From the good like Madonna and H&M ! Lily Allen and Chanel ! 

To the peculiar such as Beyonce and Nintendo DS, and Lauren Conrad promoting milk !

It has come to my attention that the latest craze in celebrity and designer endorsements, is sticking your name on a good old bottle of pop !

In 2008, Selfridges released a collection of Diet Coke bottles that Patricia Field (Stylist from Sex and the City) created for a limited City Collection. The collection featured cartoon imagery with each of the four bottle representing a different aspect of a woman's life: gold for career, red for passion, pink for love and turquoise for fashion. Patricia Field follows in the footsteps of Matthew Williamson, Jonathan Saunders,Julian MacDonald and Manolo Blahnik who have also designed for the Diet Coke company.

In April of this year it was the turn of Karl Lagerfeld who provided is impeccable and stylish taste to Coca Cola. After all he is the man who once said "Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight". The Coca Cola Light aluminium bottle is dressed up in Karl Lagerfeld's side profile silhouette, with his signature suit and pony tail easy to depict. The bottle comes housed in a specially designed box which looks like a closet, with a discreet drawer hiding and accompanying bottle opener.

Dita Von Teese who has been endorsing sparkling water brand Perrier since 2007, has turned up the fizz and become a YouTube marketing viral sensation with her latest ad campaign for the brand. I couldn't find the full advert but here's a quick clip that will change the image of water forever.

To honour Dita, Perrier has released a limited edition version of its cans and the famous green teardrop-shaped bottles which are graced with Dita's image.


Friday, 13 August 2010

Buy of the Week ! # 3

So in the last installment of this part of my blog I wrote about how my next buy of the week was coming courtesy of asos.com. However, I received an upsetting email revealing that the garments I had ordered were out of stock in my size ! Boohoo ! I dedicate this weeks buy to my brilliant mum who I could not live without not only because she spoils me but because I can trust her, tell her anything and take her advice with confidence, knowing she has my best interest at heart ! Basically she's my best friend and I love her !

The time to return to university is looming nearer and nearer, and I don't know if any other student takes there room decor into as much consideration as I do. For some reason I get into an interior design mind set !

Take a look at the beautiful home furnishings my fantastic mum has bought me !

Argh ! I can't wait to move back to my flat and I promise when I'm all moved in I'll post photos of my fully decorated room !

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Marilyn Quote of the Week ! #5

In her Fifty-seventh Street apartment, MM models the new "sack" fashion, all the range that season. 
"A sack allows you to move, and it moves with you. And movement is-well, movement is good."

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Cocoa Body Butter

Britain's Next Top Model is back for a brand new series. I'm loving the fact it's sponsored by my favourite online store asos.com. I can't express my happiness with the fact that Lisa Snowdon isn't presenting the show this year. Apparently she has had a successful modelling career, although all I remember her from is the woman from the Special K advert and George Clooney's on/off/on/off girlfriend. I'm really pleased Elle Macpherson is presenting this year.

The series is well under way, with several girls already been executed from the chopping block. My love for the show has been uncertain at the moment as Susan was eliminated from the show. It was quick, and in my opinion fixed as from the start she was a front runner to make it to the final, produced effortlessly beautiful pictures, and there are some girls in the competition that are completely clueless.

I thought this week's episode had a very art inspired feel and could be classed as editorial pictures eventhough the girls were wearing nothing but a nude coloured thong and melted chocolate. The shoot was for an ad campaign for Bodycare and I've selected my favourite and least favourite from the bunch.

I've never really been impressed by Olivia, she seems unsure of herself and lacking in confidence. Also, she needs to learn to keep her mouth closed in her shots. She is a beautiful girl but seems to need a lot of direction whilst on set. Did she deserve to be eliminated this week ? 

Charlotte has very much become the under dog of the competition. From the ever smiling, over energetic girl she's learned to pose in a high end style and in this picture I am instantly drawn towards her eyes even though she is a naked woman covered in chocolate. Certainly the one to watch as the other competitors are eliminated.

From long black flowing hair to short pixie hair. Alisha's next top model story is very much like Bianca's from American Next Top Model Cycle 9. In this picture Alisha's usual hard look which is evident in her eyes, is balanced by the softness in pose and the chose or lack of an outfit. Since Susan's departure from the competition Alisha has become my favourite to win and I definitely see her in the finals.

This is my favourite picture from the photoshoot. I love the arch and line created by the pose Kirsty creates. Kirsty has become the talk of the show as she wins more and more challenges, the models become more envious or is it jealousy. In my opinion sometimes another model deserved to win a challenge instead. Kirsty will for certain go far in competition, but I think her confidence could become or be seen as cockiness. I wonder how far she'll go ?

All Things August

So it's the third month into this feature I'm posting on my blog, and each month I'm finding it more difficult to narrow my selection down to just one of each segment ! If you disagree with my choices I apologise in advance ! I am on the other hand finding more to write about as I have all the free time in the world and I've been going out more with family and friends

1) If you download one song, download Eliza Doolittle - Pack Up ! This song is definitely a summery and uplifting song even if the weather doesn't accompany it !   Eliza Doolittle - Pack Up Watch Me !

2) If you drink one cocktail this month, try a Raspberry Mojito. As youve probably seen from previous blogs I've posted I am fond of the odd, few or several mojitos. So last weekend when I went to T.G.I Friday's for a few cheeky cocktails with the parents, I was offered a Raspberry Mojito. It was yummy and tasted just like a original mojito but with an added fruity twist !

3) If you have free time during the summer catch up with friends and family. Because I spend two thirds of the year in Preston, I find it hard and really miss spending time with my friends and family so while I'm home for the Summer, I'm trying to catch up and spend time with everyone who's important to me. Whether it's cocktails with the family, DVD night with the boyfriend, drinks at friends house or even traveling to Liverpool to be a groupie !

4) If you look at one designers work, look at Salvatore Ferregamo ! 

Salvatore Ferregamo was a Italian shoe designer. He immigrated to the United States in the 1920's where he became the shoe maker to the stars, fashioning shoes for the most powerful women of the century including Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.


After thirteen years in the states, Ferregamo returned to Italy in 1927 where he opened up a workshop in Via Mannelli. He concentrated his efforts on experimenting with design, his most famous design is arguably the "Cage Heel".


He is also designed the infamous Ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz !

Salvatore Ferregamo died in 1962, however his name lives on as an international company run by his widow, children and grand children. The company has expanded its operations to include luxury shoes, bags, eyewear, watches, perfumes and a ready-to-wear clothing line. 

5) On the Facebook page for my blog I posted a wall message to see if there was any particular area in which people would want me to recommend for this month. My fabulous friend Patrick, with his twisted and Gaga like fashion ways asked me to look at stripper shoes. Not one to let my followers/fans down I looked through an online shop for stripper shoes and came across this pair !

From the website I found these which seemed to be the least tacky pair, so the question is there a possible link between fashion and these stripper shoes. Well, I don't know if anyone can remember back to when Naomi Campbell did more strutting then hitting. She featured in a Vivienne Westwood runway show in Paris, wearing ten inch high heels which she famously fell over in.

In my opinion the two pairs of shoes although used for two very different reasons, actually share a lot in common. Both ten inch high and both impossible to walk in, as Naomi displays here in this clip I found !

6) If you go to watch one film this week, relive your youth and go watch Toy Story 3. With this third installment of the Toy Story trilogy, it is just as much a film for adults as it is for children. With the old but popular characters back, plus the addition of new toys, its definitely one to see, even if there is a hefty price tag to watch it ! My favourite new character has to be Ken, but I won't spoil the film for you ! Toy Story 3 Trailer - Watch !

7) If you go shopping in one shop, go to Best Vintage ! This shop has been one of my favourite for years, situated in the heart of Manchester city centre it sells the purest vintage garments and accessories.

It is the shop I go to if I want a new handbag or a new garment that is going to make an outfit, whether it be a statement jacket or an eye catching skirt. Definitely the shop for people who prefer an individual style and to create their own outfits ! Find Best Vintage at 41 Oldham Street, Manchester.

8) If you follow one trend this season, follow the camel ! Yes you heard me right this season it's all about the camel, which is a bit ironic seeing as I got back from Egypt last month ! 

This seasons runway shows all unveiled the surprising comeback colour beige which this year has been renamed Camel.

My favourite finds of the use of this colour include this Fred Perry Chino Skirt, from Fred Perry.


This gorgeous wool mix blazer by Armand Basi has gone straight to the top of my wish list !