Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sex and the City 2 : Fashion forward Heat Survival Guide !

So for those of you who for some peculiar, and unknown reason haven't seen Sex and the City 2 you'll be happy to know that I won't spill the beans on the movie. However . . . without spoiling the movie here's a few of my favourite moments/quotes; 

1) "Me and You ! Just us two"
2) Lily:"like Jasmine and Aladdin"
    Carrie: "Yes sweetie but with cocktails"
3) The fact that Tim Gunn is in the movie .

I went to the premier with my bestest (if that's proper English) friends Louisa, Faye,  Heather, Katie, and her sister Charlotte. My lober Christina was absent due to exams and we missed her ! Obviously we went in our dresses and heels, I wore my purple velvet body body con dress which was properly a bad idea as Louisa and I managed to eat two bags of popcorn and a bag of malteasers ! I did notice that alot of girls went dressed in maxi dresses or lightweight floaty dresses, which is a common dress style in the movie. Even if you haven't seen the movie yet you will be well aware that the four girls travel to Abu Dabhi. So how do four of the most well styled and dressed woman cope with the heat of the Middle East and still look fashionably fabulous ?

What ever their secret weapon maybe, I could do with knowing it as in less then a month I'm going to Sharm El Sheikh with my Trinity family ! I went to Luxor in 2008, with my family for a week and it was boiling ! Even though I was half away around the world and felt like I was baking, I still felt obliged to think fashion forward.

This is my favourite picture from this holiday ! The handsome man next to me is my lovely brother (sorry ladies he's taken).  I love the sunset behind us and i love the white embellished kaftan dress I'm wearing obviously accessorized with my usually beehive hair. But can i pull the same look off again ? Will this look be on trend for Summer 2010 ? I'm not taking any chances so i've bought a whole new holiday wardrobe ! =]

This is one of my favourite dresses !

So here's my fashion survival guide tips for going to such hot countries (and by the way Bex checked on her phone the other day and it was 38 degrees in Sharm El Sheikh)

1) Avoid black as it absorbs sunlight and heat
2) White is your best friend
3) Wear lightweight cottons or chiffon clothes
4) Respect local customs when it comes to clothing
5) Avoid to much embellishment as this could irritate you
6) Wooden and glass bead jewellery will give you an ethnic but an on trend look
7) Cosmopolitans are still a must (but make sure you drink plenty of water)
8) Heels may look good, but you wont look good walking in them in the sand
9) A hat is a must weather its straw, fedora, trilby, floppy or a boating hat
10) Your key piece in your suitcase should be a Maxi Dress

So the big question is will Katie, Becky, Bex and Me look as stylish as Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Or will we give up after a week in the blistering sun ! And let all our fashion beliefs out of the window ! Wish us look !

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