Saturday, 29 May 2010

Where have you been all my blogging life ?

So apparently i'm a blogger ! You wouldn't think this due to the lack of blogs and emptiness on my wall ! Massive huge apologies for this ! I pass the blame on to my ridiculous work load ! My last project was a Fashion Promotion Campaign we had to complete using a dress designed by a Fashion Design student. I wasn't happy with my dress, although others loved it and so did my model. I think my exact words were "It looks like a pink big bird"

For my campaign i decided to do a collaboration between River Island and Barbie. I chose River Island as i knew the majority of my class would choose Topshop ! And followers of my blog will already understand my hatred for the high street brand. I chose to do a collaboration with Barbie because in the past couple of years since her 50th birthday (she's looking good for 50 !) her popularity in the fashion industry has seen her being dressed by the industries top elite such as Vivienne Westwood, Christian Louboutin and Diane von Furstenberg, for her very own runway show at last years Mercedes Fashion Week, in New York.

Barbie now has her own handbag collection with Paul's Boutique !

Barbie has her own charms with jewellery giants Thomas Sabo !

Why not pick up a Barbie of the 21st Century ! No longer is she a fashion toy doll !
 But a must have fashion accessory !

So for my project i had to set up and style a photo shoot. The style of the photo shoot was in the style of a Barbie with the poses being stiff and restricted to movement. I must give mega thanks to my model Abigail Phillips who did an amazing job ! 

To see more pictures from this photo shoot go to my facebook page !

This is the final poster for my campaign ! Apologies for the missing billboard poster !

I hope you all like the work I've done and that it is a good enough excuse for my absense ! =]

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