Friday, 7 January 2011

My Embellished Day Out !

On the rare occasion that I had a free day with no lectures, errands to run or sketchbook work that needed completing, I decided to have a cultural day out. I visited the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston Town Centre. I regularly visit the museum for inspiration when it comes to project themes and ideas. I also carried out a photo shoot in the museum for a previous project entitled 'Spirit of the Fashion House'. Whilst on my trip out to the museum I discovered there was a textiles exhibition currently on entitled Embellished: The Art of Fabulous Fabrics. The exhibit includes richly decorated clothes dating from the 1700's to the present day. Textiles such as samplers, patchwork and tapestry are all being showcased for the first time straight from the museum's stores.

I took several pictures on the day of my favourite garments !

One garment in particular caught my eye as I thought it was very innovative for the era it was made. 

I'm referring to this printed silk Lancashire Daily Post dress dating back to 1897. The dress was originally worn by a woman called Clara Dewhurst to a dress ball event in Preston. It is printed with a page from the Lancashire Daily Post of 16th January 1897. The adverts relate to Preston and even include on for Halewood's Bookshop, which is still open on Friargate. Newspaper-print dresses were in fashion for evening wear in the late 18--'s and early 1900's. Lengths of fabric could be printed just as easily as paper. The result was a highly on trend outfit for its time. 

Embellished: The Art of Fabulous Fabrics will be at the Harris Museum & Art Gallery until 23rd April 2011. The exhibition is free entry, for more information visit

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