Friday, 17 June 2011

Photography vs Filmography

Since the first issue of Vogue was published in 1892, magazines have been at the forefront and the chosen media for which we view the fashion world. Whether it be an interview, trend pages or an editorial feature it seems that fashion followers prefer flicking through the pages of a publication. However, as technology and social media advances we are now able to receive and view fashion in arguably improved means of media. Fashion has gone digital with many publications, such as Dazed&Confused having not only a published magazine, but also an online presence and a phone application. In a world where we can now access the internet on the go anywhere and anytime on iPhones and iPads, we are able to gain news and information much faster and more conveniently. I guess the questions are; which do people prefer ? Do we prefer models and the clothes they are wearing to stand in statuesque poses or watch them in movement ? Will technological advances affect the publication world ?

To help answer these questions I have chosen examples of fashion photography and fashion film. 

This editorial feature from is a retro inspired day out at the beach.

This fashion film directed by James Carver-Grenside is's latest film, At The Lakes.

Personally, I don't think there is a better feeling then the excitement of when Vogue magazine comes through the letter box. If I'm bored, stressed or in a bad mood it instantly lifts my spirits. I giggle each month as my Vogue magazine is delivered because the envelope has 'do not bend' and 'handle with care' written on it as if I was having the holy bible sent to my house. (Vogue technically is my bible as I read it religiously and look to it for help and advice!). On the other hand I do enjoy being able to browse through fashion photography and fashion film from the internet which I can look up at my convenience. I love nothing more then being on a train and being able to browse through the latest issue of Dazed&Confused thanks to my iPhone application. I think the direction that technology is heading we will see the way we access fashion follow the same path. However, in my opinion no matter how technical and digital the world becomes there will still be those who will still purchase, cherish and love nothing more then a hard copy of a fashion publication, me including ! 

Share your opinion and comments on this topic.

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