Wednesday, 16 June 2010

June in a nut shell !

Fingers crossed this will become a regular occurrence on my blog ! A segment where each month I will give my opinion on the best what you should be doing that month ! This month - June !

1) If you go to one store visit Coco Boo ! A small boutique tucked away down Cannon Street, Preston selling gorgeous womenswear ! Their online store is currently being made over ! So for now visit them on Facebook- ! Or even better if you're in Preston go instore !

2) If you watch one movie this month, it undoubtably will have to be Sex and the City 2 ! Watch the four fashionistas show the Middle East how to do it big apple style !

3) If you listen to one band this month it has to be DropTheGirl! Never heard of them ! Why the hell not ? Recently showcasing at the O2 Academy, Liverpool and with more gigs to come, the pop punk band and their contagious lyrics such as "So i was thinking, what ya drinking" should most definetely be on your iPod playlists. Follow them on Facebook!/pages/DropTheGirl/174564248387?v=info&ref=ts 

4) If you drink one cocktail it has to be a Hello Sailor! I first tried this cocktail while out in Liverpool in a cocktail bar called Django's Riff ! A Hello Sailor! is just like the classic Mojito but instead of using a rum such as Havana Club or Bacardi this cocktail is made using the not so well known Sailors Jerry hence the name Hello Sailor! 

5) If you buy one book buy Candice Bushnell latest installment in the Sex and the City saga ! 

The Carrie Bradshaw DIaries, the book is all about Carrie Bradshaw before her article in The New York Star, before the Manolo Blahniks, before the Cosmopolitians, before Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, it's all we need to know about the part of Carrie's life we don't already know ! 

6) If you buy one item of clothing this month it should be a maxi dress, back by popular demand maxi dresses have become the summer trend whether it be for that long awaited holiday vacation or even for a summer wedding much to my surprise. The maxi dress can be a simple silhouette but a vibrant safari print or a loud tribal print should be a key trend in any woman's closet.

If you can afford to splurge the cash, why not treat yourself to this Diane Von Furstenberg Farrin printed maxi dress - priced at 430 pounds ! (my pound sign button wont work, ooopps!) Wear with tribal looking on trend wooden jewellery !

If you're watching the bank balance this month, why not opt for this pansy print bandeau maxi dress - a mere 20 pounds from Dorothy Perkins ! Team up with a vintage looking belt to show off your curves

7) If you have one naughty treat this month save all the calories and have a delicious cupcake from Oh-Crumbs. The Manchester based company were kin enough to come along to the Stylists' Closet, where they set up a stall in the Pad Gallery. Their company slogan is cupcakes made with love, and boy are they !

The cupcakes look so nice you don't want to spoil them !

But when you finally pluck up the courage to dive into one, you can't stop !

My favourite cupcake was this Cherry Bakewell cupcake ! 
A vanilla sponge with raspberry jam in the middle topped with almond flavoured icing and a cherry on top !

Check out their website on how to get your hands on one (or a dozen) of these yummy cupcakes !

8) If you purchase one iPhone app this month by the Victoria Quarter !

The Victoria Quarter in Leeds is the first shopping centre in the UK to have it's very own iPhone/iTouch application !

The app will give users regular updates about offers and events in the centre, as well as full store listings, contact details and weblinks. Updates are highlighted on the app’s icon, so users can easily see the very latest news and offers from the VQ’s 76 stores.

Centre Director, John Bade commented, “With mobile phones so much a part of people’s lives now, the app seemed the perfect way to keep in touch with our customers. The fact that everyone has their phone with them constantly means we’re able to engage with them instantly – far quicker than through the website – and it also allows us to explore new avenues for promoting the centre.”

The app is available to download now from the App Store on iTunes. Enter Victoria Quarter in the App search box and click install for a free download to your iPhone !

See you in July !

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