Thursday, 3 June 2010

Must Have Accessory of the Year !

This will only be a short blog, but i find this bit of information is somewhat hot off the press !

We all know the ludicrous amounts of money footballers earn and get to splash out on their "WAGS" and on themselves !  It doesn't seem to take long before it looks like Louis Vuitton himself has thrown up on some footballers ! So why am I rambling on about football on a fashion blog ?

It seems there's one piece of Louis Vuitton luggage am sure every footballer will be looking to get their can't live without designer clothes, tax dodging hands on, not just for fashion purposes but also because of what's inside the box !

The Louis Vuitton official world cup trophy case ! The latest piece of luxury luggage from the French design house is strictly off limits; a bespoke design, custom built for FIFA to house the treasured world cup trophy, and safely transport it into the winning hands at the tournament’s end in July.Unveiled by Naomi Campbell, the case is impeccably upholstered in trademark monogram canvas, and fitted with brass hardware, with a solid 18 carat gold core. 

So let's hope not only football comes home, but that the Louis comes home to !

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