Friday, 10 September 2010

My Loves and My Lusts !

My Loves and My lusts ! is mostly focused around L.O.V.E due to a recent purchase of LOVE Magazine. I found the magazine while on Twitter and thought if Henry Holland can be a follower so can I ! I clicked on the link to their website and thought the layout was so adorable with butterflies fluttering around the page !
LOVE Magazine !

But its the context of the magazine which I love even more ! So I had to go to the shop and see what see if all the hype of the magazine was true. And it was !

The first page that struck me was an advertising campaign for Guess !

The model looks very much like someone I love ! Can you guess who it is ?

The next feature I fell in love with was a collection of photographs of Abbey Clancy ! I will admit I had to do a double take when looking at these photographs as I am used to seeing Abbey in the centre fold of a newspaper with lingerie or a swimsuit on ! I think these pictures work so well in black and white ! And the photographs have a 1960's look to them ! Abbey Clancy here reminds me of Sienna Miller in Factory Girl !

Speaking of Sienna Miller, she also featured in this edition of LOVE Magazine ! In some very simple but yet striking and eye catching photographs !

I haven't decided which photograph I love the most as they both are stunning ! I think I slightly prefer the photograph of Sienna with a top on because eventhough the topless shot has been done artistically and tastefully ! I think this one (left) is more of a fashion shot !

My Lusts in this post are two playsuits from two of my favourite online vintage stores ! Both can be for a daytime look or accessorised for a night time look


The first is this red 1980's playsuit from Rokit !


The second is this floral playsuit from GiGi Vintage !     


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