Saturday, 20 November 2010

like mother, like daughter !

We're told on a frequent basis by family and friends that we've got our mother's eyes or our mother's smile but how often are you told you've got you're mother's style ? I think many of us at a young age looked up to and aspired to be like our mothers as we smeared her favourite red lipstick all over our face and clogged about in front of the mirror in her high heels. Nowadays young children seem to have the fashion knowledge, confidence and money to pull it off or is it pressure to be a style icon.

Katie Holme's and Tom Cruise's daughter Suri caused controversy when she appeared out shopping with her mum in high heels but the question is did the three year old dress herself. Katie Holmes claims that her daughter has been designing and choosing her own clothes since she was 18 months old !

Willow Smith this year shared the front row at Dolce and Gabbana show at Milan Fashion Week with her  mother Jada Pinkett Smith and celebrities such as singer Kylie Minogue and catwalk queen Naomi Campbell. The pint sized ten year old is already known for her unique sense of style and outrageous outfits.

Who else can say by the age of 13 that they've been in a Madonna  video, have your own clothing line and graced the cover of a European magazine. It sure does help to be Madonna's daughter !
Lourdes was the cover girl of European magazine Quality and has recently worked alongside her mother on a clothing range called Material Girl for New York department store Macy's.

So are the celebrities of today using their status and wealth to turn their daughters into little mini version of themselves or is it just a simple case of like mother, like daughter.

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