Friday, 27 August 2010

My Loves and My Lusts !

Another new feature to My Heart On My Fashion Sleeve ! And I hope my blog isn't making me look self obsessed ! This new feature My Loves and My Lusts may appear at any time on my blog unlike the other features when I know I'll buy something new weekly, or have words of wisdom from Marilyn, or what I think is the must haves for each month. Basically this feature all depends on what I see and where I see it whether it be in a magazine, on the street, in a shop etc. Like all my other features on my blog this one is pretty much self explanatory. So have a nosey and see what I am loving and lusting after ! And feel free to leave a comment !

This first photo is an ad campaign for YSL, in this months Elle UK magazine. Althought I know it is YSL I cant help but be reminded of the film Coco Chanel, to be honest I think it's all due to the staircase ! I Love the fact the photograph is in black and white which gives off a romantic feel to the picture. The stance of the model is very straight forward but highly effective. I Love the styling in this picture as you are immediately drawn to the clothes and not the model because you can't see her face. I'm sure she is a beautiful woman but the main focal point of this composition should be the clothes.

My next photo is a definite Lust. I was out shopping with friends and spotted this jumper as I worked past, I thought it was adorable. The black and white heart printed culotte shorts are pretty to but i wouldn't necessarily put the two garment together. The jumper also comes in white aswell as grey, I'll judge which colour jumper I'm going to buy when 1) I've tried it on and more importantly 2) when i have the money to buy it !

This photograph is from the new Cath Kidston catalogue which had a vintage theme to it. I absolutely Love these pocket watches as they remind me of the one I got off my grandad which was owned by my grandma ! Pocket watches and watches on necklaces have become an accessories trend lately but there's nothing like owning a truly vintage one !

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