Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Cocoa Body Butter

Britain's Next Top Model is back for a brand new series. I'm loving the fact it's sponsored by my favourite online store I can't express my happiness with the fact that Lisa Snowdon isn't presenting the show this year. Apparently she has had a successful modelling career, although all I remember her from is the woman from the Special K advert and George Clooney's on/off/on/off girlfriend. I'm really pleased Elle Macpherson is presenting this year.

The series is well under way, with several girls already been executed from the chopping block. My love for the show has been uncertain at the moment as Susan was eliminated from the show. It was quick, and in my opinion fixed as from the start she was a front runner to make it to the final, produced effortlessly beautiful pictures, and there are some girls in the competition that are completely clueless.

I thought this week's episode had a very art inspired feel and could be classed as editorial pictures eventhough the girls were wearing nothing but a nude coloured thong and melted chocolate. The shoot was for an ad campaign for Bodycare and I've selected my favourite and least favourite from the bunch.

I've never really been impressed by Olivia, she seems unsure of herself and lacking in confidence. Also, she needs to learn to keep her mouth closed in her shots. She is a beautiful girl but seems to need a lot of direction whilst on set. Did she deserve to be eliminated this week ? 

Charlotte has very much become the under dog of the competition. From the ever smiling, over energetic girl she's learned to pose in a high end style and in this picture I am instantly drawn towards her eyes even though she is a naked woman covered in chocolate. Certainly the one to watch as the other competitors are eliminated.

From long black flowing hair to short pixie hair. Alisha's next top model story is very much like Bianca's from American Next Top Model Cycle 9. In this picture Alisha's usual hard look which is evident in her eyes, is balanced by the softness in pose and the chose or lack of an outfit. Since Susan's departure from the competition Alisha has become my favourite to win and I definitely see her in the finals.

This is my favourite picture from the photoshoot. I love the arch and line created by the pose Kirsty creates. Kirsty has become the talk of the show as she wins more and more challenges, the models become more envious or is it jealousy. In my opinion sometimes another model deserved to win a challenge instead. Kirsty will for certain go far in competition, but I think her confidence could become or be seen as cockiness. I wonder how far she'll go ?

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