Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Only in October !

Another month ! Another blog post ! Another list of things to do, watch, buy, drink and eat ! 

1) If you follow one person on Twitter, follow me ! The most obvious self advertisement going but oh well if you're on twitter follow @dressmeupinlove. Unfortunately, my heart on my fashion sleeve was too long ! 

2)  If you drink one this month try New Green Apple Smirnoff ! I'm a fond lover of Gin but lately my drink list is slowly but surely turning into a cocktail menu, probably down to this feature on my blog. I first tried this Green Apple Smirnoff with Lemonade while having after work drinks. Definitely worth a try !

3) If you hear one piece of good news this month it should be the fact that my beloved asos.com have introduced 20% student discount to their online store. Do you all know what this means ? Yeah, I'm going to be poor this year. Well at least I'll be stylish and poor !

4) If you buy one iPhone/iPad application this month, buy the Garment and Fashion Dictionary. Definitely one for for you fashionistas and bloggers. The app gives specific terminology for garments providing examples aswell. The app is available from iTunes and costs £1.19.

5) If you drink one cocktail this month drink Cosmopolitans. If you regularly read my blog you will notice that I mention the cocktail Mojitos alot. However while out for my mums birthday this month I decided to venture away from Mojitos and taste other cocktails on the menu. Let's just say I have fallen in love with Mojitos.

6) If you do one spontaneous thing this month, have a tattoo ! This month I decided to have a tattoo done and ended up having two done. My tattoos were planned and I knew what I wanted doing so they weren't so much spontaneous. But I love them !

7) If you buy one item of clothing, make sure you buy something to keep you warm ! Whether it's a scarf, ear warmers or a pair of gloves. Don't let the fact that the weather is turning colder stop you from showing off your fashion flare ! 

Why not treat yourself to a snood (A snood is a head/neck accessory which resembles a scarf/hood)! 
Like this leopard print snood from asos.com for £20
I also love these sheepskin mittens ! £39 from asos.com   

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