Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Buy of the Week !

Buy of the Week ? Haha when was the last time I could say that. With my lack of money and lack of time due to copious amounts of university work I haven't actually physically been out and bought something nor been online and purchased something that is remotely worth taking and uploading photographs to show you and explain the reason for this purchase. 
On the other hand (or should I say foot in this case). this purchase might be slightly two faced as I have a strong opinion when it comes to trends and shops. As in Topshop and military style lace up boots. That for some reason that is dubious to me, men have decided looks good half laced up and tucked into their baggy jeans. And nearly all girls (especially those in fashion courses) have. I can hand on heart (and on my fashion sleeve) say that my boots are not from Topshop and were not bought with any intention of looking like they were from Topshop ! No offence to the thousands of you out there that went to Topshop and bought the boots because you have "individual style". 

I found these dark brown leather lace up boots in a charity shop for £5.99 !

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