Sunday, 19 December 2010

Who is Harald Glockler ?

While browsing through the best and worst of Sky's christmas tv listings, I came across a one hour documentary entitled 'Harald Glockler Prince of Fashion'. So who is Harald Glockler ?

From watching the programme my first impression of Harald is that he is a mixture of a flamboyant german version of Karl Lagerfeld covered in diamonds and Sacha Baron Cohen's charachter Bruno. After researching into the designers life it seems that Sacha Baron Cohen was in fact inspired by Glockler when creating the character Bruno.

Glockler has been quietly but succesfully building his empire in his home of Germany. Selling everything from Fashion, Jewellery, Perfume and Homeware, Glockler has decided to showcase his collections to London's fashion audience in the hope of making a name for himself within the elites of London's fashion world.
From watching this documentary I discovered that Glockler designs Haute Couture gowns with a Victorian/British Heritage inspiration. His gowns are highly regal, looking fit for royality with corset style bodices and long silk trains, and most commonly accessorised by being dripped in Glockler's diamond jewellery pieces.

Did anyone else watch the documentary ? Has anyone ever heard of the German fashion designer ? If you have or haven't, what do you think of him and his designs ?


  1. hi harald,

    i think your stuff is beautiful , absolutely gorgeous , so much my type , unfortunatley im not wealthy enough to buy it all but i want to praise u so much so much , u have no idea how stunning ur creations are , yes u r very talented ,you have that royal factor , i wish i could work for you , i love ur work !!

  2. Hi Michelle!I watched a bit of the documentary and I couldn't work out if it was for real or not!I had never ever heard of him before I watched and I thought it was weird for someone who is so flamboyant and such a character in the fashion world to not be heard of! I like him though I thought he was pretty funny well in the 15 minutes that I watched he was :)
    Loving your blog by the way, I'm new to this whole blogging scene, slowly getting to grips with blogger!
    Rachelle xxx