Wednesday, 27 April 2011

high school to high end !

During our seminar we were given the opportunity to look at other Fashion Photography groups work and my group and I were horrified to discover that another group had completed their photo shoot and had used the same concept of ours. 
This was a major crisis point as we had already selected models and completed the styling. Although at this point  we were over half way through this project we decided to change our concept entirely as we didn't want our work being compared with another groups.
After much brainstorming and researching we decided to keep the location of the Library for our photo shoot the same. Our new concept is about people being educated about style and fashion. We have decided to keep the models the same and style them in on trend, editorial outfits that wold look out of place in a University Library, the models would then be surrounded by books on fashion related subjects such as style, fashion houses and designers We collectively agreed that the poses of the model should be more editorial and less movement sequence which was the sort of poses we wanted for our initial concept.
Through different resources I have collected images portraying examples of editorial poses we can consider and use as inspiration.

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