Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Testing ! Testing ! 1, 2, 3 !

 After many meetings, discussions, debates, deliberations, back and forth, whatever you may want to call it ! The res of the Fashion Photography group and myself finally decided on a concept for this ongoing project based on the word 'Education'. Our concept is based on the idea of typical stereotypes within high school; the jock, the bimbo. the geek, the timid emo, the bitchy daddy's girls. The idea for the photo shoot is to style our selected models as fashion forward versions of these stereotypes and to photograph them within our chosen location, which is the library. We decided to shoot within the library as our chosen location due to the fact of the vast research and knowledge within a library which in turn leads to educating the people inside. 
With our concept in mind we carried out a test shoot on location to consider both the photography, styling and the concept as a whole.

Our group met up after the photo shoot to discuss the outcome of the photo shoot. It was a unanimous vote that the model was not suitable for the look we were after. Although the styling was successful, it could of worked better if the model wasn't as thin as she was. Also, it was noticed by the make up artist and from close up shots of the model that she had bad skin. So we have decided to source another model for this look from Model Mayhem.

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