Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Buy of the Week ! # 1

So I decided to create a new segment in my blog callehed - Buy of the Week ! I think it's very self-explanatory ! I won't bore you, so let's launch it's debut !

This week I must thank Manchester and its rain otherwise I don't think I would of made this purchase ! While shopping with my lovely mother, it started raining. I had examined the weather before getting dressed and due to the somewhat sunshine that was present, I decided to wear skinny jeans with a rose printed bat-wing top and jelly sandals. The raindrops started dripping !

Eventhough I am a huge Marilyn Monroe fan, I love old 1950's film. I love all the great actors and actresses of this era Betty Davis, Marlon Brando, Joan Crawford, Cary Grant, Clarke Gable and Audrey Hepburn !

So I bought this gorgeous umbrella, which I think adds instant style in between the showers !

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