Friday, 30 July 2010

This Hobby is Becoming a Habit !

At this rate my weekly blog feature called Buy of the Week, will become Buy of the Day. And even so I'm not just buying one new bag, or piece of jewellery or a single garment, I'm buying whole new outfits that I don't necessarily have an occasion to buy or wear them for !

Does it look like I need more clothes ? 
No what I need is a bigger wardrobe ! 
So what on earth could I add to my ever growing vast collection that is my wardrobe ?

I absolutely love this tan brown satchel bag, I didn't think twice about picking this up because about 2 weeks ago I saw one very similar in one of my favourite vintage shops called Best Vintage in Manchester. And I told myself I didn't need it ! Then when I got back to Preston I realised I did need it ! But it was too late ! Someone had bought it !

This dress I picked up because I loved the pastel colour of the fabric and I really liked the bird print which I initially thought was horses for some reason. Even so I still loved it !

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