Thursday, 22 July 2010

There's No Business Like Show Business !

We've all seen her lifestory unfold !

When Lauren Conrad moved from the plush lifestyle of Laguna Beach to an even more lavish life in Los Angeles, to her finally departure when she'd finally had enough of the lime light ! This girl has had the luckiest breaks. Firstly being part of a somewhat "reality" TV show that has become the number one show in America, to her jobs with Teen Vogue and People's Revolution. And now having been lucky enough to establish her own clothing line.

My mind can't help but wonder (just realised how Carrie Bradshaw that sounded !) would Lauren have had the success she's had in the fashion industry if it weren't for an MTV crew and her TV popularity.

Lauren studied Merchandise Product Development as FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) but in my opinion starring on The Hills is not the equivalent of a degree in fashion design. It's evident that Lauren Conrad has good taste and an eye for fashion as she is always present on the best dressed lists of our magazines. So was it a shock to all that when in 2008, Lauren decided to launch her own clothing line, the collection failed due to poor sales. Lauren's "people" insist it was all down to the economic climate. However after watching her runway show from New York Fashion Week, 2008 the truth literallyi walks straight past you. Lauren Conrad - NY Fashion Week 2008 - Watch !

The collection is without a doubt over priced and not every woman is as fortunate as the Laguna Beach klan who can just as daddy for his plastic. Many of the garments were very L.C going to Las Deux in the The Hills, and the collection was overall a cute, girly, dress filled cohesive collection. However, in my opinion there was too much black in the collection, the print was very matronly, there was no interesting shapes or silhouettes and from a new and young designer I expected to be excited by seeing bright colours, and new, creative trends.

After vacating The Hills for a much more muted and private life Lauren is having a second attempt with her clothing line, collaborating with Kohls Department Store to release L.C Lauren Conrad.

Hopefully this second collection will be a success, but if for some reason it isn't this high school student come reality tv star come fashion designer might find success in her new venture as an author !

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