Thursday, 29 July 2010

Where's the I in Individuality ?

They've become the programmes series linked on our Sky Planner !

Gok's showing us how to look fashionable on a low budget and how to look good naked. Trinny and  Susannah are lifting, tucking and sucking us in so we know what to wear, whilst Jay Manuel wants to style her famous.
I see these programmes as good TV and they keep me entertained. However, it slightly angers me that these celebrity figures believe they have the right to become stylists and tell us what not to and what to wear. Do these people have any qualifications ? (Are they studying Fashion Promotion with Styling lol.) These people have become household names, however I think they're exploiting their fame and fans to cash in, instead of actually having any knowledge, interests or concerns for Fashion. I basically think there's someone behind the camera doing all the work then these celebrities are reading from a script ! Jean Paul Who ? They ask ! Gianfranco Ferre What ? They say !
So they're on our TV screens re writing the holy fashion bible, but now using their TV careers and apparent knowledge of season trends these celebrities have ventured into the world of endorsements. 

Hey and while their at it why not sign a lucrative book deal so when ever we feel we need help with an outfit we head for the bookshelf and have a gander at what Gok thinks !


I have nothing against the man, but why should I listen to him ? Because he's gay ? Because he seems to know what he's talking about ? Because he has his own TV show and book? or because he has good style ? 
I can't speak for anyone else but I don't want to be told what to wear, how to dress or be styled famous ! I'm sure there are those women who need help in the fashion department ! (Especially those who believe Crocs are stylish, trendy or cool) but why are we letting these celebrities (some not even A-List) tell us and what they are telling us, is what every other "TV stylists" is telling us to wear. 
Yes its good to know what are this seasons colours, textures, shapes, silhouettes etc. but from that it is up to us to take this information and interpret this how we see fit. To pick out what we like and what we thinks will look the best. This is called individuality. And this is important in Fashion ! Who wants to look like they've just come of a batch production conveyor belt (probably why i don't shop at Topshop lol) ? 

Not me !

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  1. I think a lot of these people have been involved in the fashion industry for some time. They are famous because they've done fashion tv shows they aren't doing fashion TV shows because they're famous (or at least initially they weren't) I think the problem is that they are dumbed down so that they reach a bigger audience who aren't necessarily up to date on their Fulton, Kane and Bailey. We're just far to stylish and fashion savvy for them =p