Friday, 11 February 2011

love for leibovitz !

I recently looked into the work of Annie Leibovitz who has been a photographer since the 1970's when she worked for the Rolling Stones. In 2007 she was hired by Disney to shoot celebrities in various roles and scenes. Although I thought these photographs were successful and didn't want to include them in my blog because they don't reflect the type of photography I enjoy taking.

Here are a few photographs taken by Annie Leibovitz that I like.

This photograph is of Nicole Kidman. I love the lighting, location and styling of this photograph. The location and the dress gives the photography a rich and glamourous atmosphere. This photograph reminds me of the Chanel No 5 advert featuring Nicole Kidman. 

I added this photograph because I like the chair being in an outdoor location. The location and styling gives the photograph a fairy tale feel. I also like the fact the photograph is in black and white.

I think this photograph is very abstract. Although there is little styling in the photograph I like the mask that is shaped like a coffee mug. My favourite part of this photograph is the models hair, make up and the coffee mug mask.

I like the concept of this photograph of one live model half naked waiting to be dresses amongst several mannequins with dresses on. If the model wasn't in the photograph I think this would be just a picture of inside a designers studio but the fact the model is on the table makes it more surreal.

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