Monday, 21 February 2011

Roses are Red ?

Day 7 - 20th February

Today, I made this flower corsage out of a black bin liner bag. I then used a gold marker on some of the edges of the flower. I created the corsage to be used as part of my photoshoot for my fashion image module where I have collaborated with two photography students. The fashion story behind our photoshoot is of a girls night out, and her outfits are made out of recyclable materials, one of them being black bin liner bags. This flower will be used as part of an outfit.

But it has become apparent that with so many silver and gold accessories available in today's fashion and retail industry, sometimes it's nice to try different alternatives to our standard metal options.
Rose gold is a type of gold and copper alloy that is beginning to surface as a popular trend for this years spring collections. The metal itself has a unique "rose" tint to it resulting in a warmer and more aged appearance than gold.

Designers from Dominic Jones to Michael Kors and House of Harlow 1960 to Murberry all at different price points are adopting the rose gold trend in their own aesthetic interpretation.

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