Thursday, 17 February 2011

A Public Announcement ?

Day 2 - 15th February

While walking to uni I noticed this on the side of a building

I thought it was strange to see graffiti like this firstly because the statement is written out in English and not in text or slang language such as 'woz' instead of was or 'iz' instead of is, which is the sort of language commonly seen used in graffiti artwork.

Secondly, graffiti artists usually write their names, also known as tagging, on a building or private property. 

However, whoever has drawn this message for people to see obviously has something to say and has chosen a public and creative method to voice his or her opinion. 
This reminds me of the work of Banksy. Bansky is the fictional name of a British artist, political activist and painter who real name is unconfirmed. His artistic work regularly based around political and social issues have been featured on bridges, walls, and streets in cities throughout the world.

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