Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sunday Jam (On My Fashion Sleeve)

So, what the hell are you suppose to write about or should I say blog about when you have been out of the blogging business for a good solid two years. I had already decided the name of this post (Sunday Jam) when I saw it in my Twitter feed. I instantly adored it, and for no apparent reason. So thank you to the person responsible.
I think/know I am the only person to blame when it comes to the lack of blog posts on this web site, but hopefully all will change as I intend to blog every day. I assume it’s just a guessing game of whether or not people will actually view/read this. This has always puzzled me when it came to bloggers and their intentions because many bloggers post about themselves which is basically like a diary for all to read. I definitely will post only the one time about myself and if I do terribly go on with myself I will keep it to a bare minimum, a paragraph I promise.
So as I have only this post to explain the reasoning for the absence from the blogging world I best get my move on. However seeing as it has been as long as it has I think no amount of explaining could forgive the substantial time it has been. To be honest with anyone who is reading this I don’t think I could conjure up a believable reason for my absence, so am not going to bother.
Enough of my rambling on let’s get down to business – I honestly feel like I just rushed everything. I returned to University to soon and after the eventful event basically tried doing to much to with the    hobbies that enjoyed doing paying the ultimate price. My rush back to university just goes to show how much I loved doing the course I was studying which I don’t think most students could say. My life and everything about it were in my eyes almost perfect. I was at university, studying a course that I was good at and reeping the benefits of, I was in a long, committed relationship with a boy who I could see myself with for the rest of my life and I would be totally and 100 % with that.
In some ways I believe I had it all to soon and through no fault of my own I have lost it all. If someone a year ago was to look at me I could honestly say I didn’y have my life together, however after two years I can without a shadow of a doubt say (even if people don’t believe it) that Michelle Makin has got her life together. It may be a lonely life but that won’t be forever..It might be a life where I’m not happy about my personal appearance but that is sure to change (believe you me). It also might be a life that I’m not happy with but element to element I intend to change. People are forever saying ‘we want the old Michelle back’ I’m getting there but just like all things it will take me some time.
I would like this blog to be one that is happy and fashion fuelled if that is possible but I think that goes to show I want and always want my life to be. Not that there is anything wrong with but I don’t intend to be a ‘happy-go-lucky’ sort of person but I believe this could be the reason why say for instance in a relationship although I do put my whole self in it I sometimes don’t agree with the way in which some females play their role in it. This might just be personal opinion however I do have a strong case against many women and the way they act when they are in a relationship.
I’ve done it. I’ve said in this post how I wasn’t going to go on with myself, I might as well on took a selfie of myself and uploaded it to Instagram. 

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