Monday, 11 November 2013

House of Thrift (on a fashion sleeve) !

It has only recently become apparent to myself after a friend commented on my blog, that the name of the post has no connection with its title. But then again why would it if the blog post and it’s heading were about the same subject would it even matter that the two had totally different names. Who would notice or find it deceiving or concerning for that matter.
I’ve admitted to being judgemental when it comes to other peoples styling options, which yes i admit is a very rude trait to have and I find myself being judgemental even when I am wearing a questionable outfit for example sportswear when I have no intension of going to the gym. But now more so than ever I have a reason for being this way. I recently started a internship with Spottin Style, this is due to the fact that since I finished University jobs have been highly scarce. Although this job is unpaid and at a internship level I am gaining social needs and putting my disgusting trait to good use.
My first assignment since I joined Spottin Style may not sound very glamorous however what I found out whilst completing it was eye opening and made me question the styling choice I had made before leaving the house.
Do any of us think about the hat and sometimes gloves we wear before leaving the house? I would presume that we didn’t think about it from a styling prospect. We are all guilty of this and we are more concerned with the question – Is it going to do its job and keep me warm? On my travel to certain destinations I spotted an array of hats from bobby to beret!
I bought a light pink beret because now after this assignment I definitely now will make a conscious decision as to what hat I will put on my head. I hope you do the same.

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