Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Geek Chic - The Accidental Trend (All Over My Heart on My Fashion Sleeve)

It all started with just one man. One man who accidentally went out dressed up to the absolute maximum in what he thought was just a generally dressed up outfit that all fashionistas were when styling themselves for a day out in town to accumulate even more garments. His hair in a rugged but smart looking quiff held in place by a questionable amount of gel. A Ralph Lauren suit jacket just to prove that there was the consideration of appearing smart. And it successfully fulfilled it’s job, Prada chinos, with a simple salmon pink shirt from Topshop (with an accidental ketchup stain on the left side)
 But what he presumed (I was taught to never presume) was just an ordinary looking outfit came to be a trend. A trend that would indefinitely come to be duplicated all over the world. Actually in fact this trend was recreated all over the runways of London, Paris and Milan. It is evident to see that many designers drew inspiration from this what I would call accidental trend. 
So when you are next waiting for a bus or you are waiting in a queue to pay just think to yourself did you think about what you are wear because someone else could of.

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