Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Every season has a story! Every story has a season! (On a fashion sleeve)

Any fashion conscious or respectable person would understand the importance of a trend whether it be Missoni’s hectic print or the use of a selection of headwear worn by the models showcasing the creations of Alexander McQueen. Trends arise straight from the catwalk and slowly but surely work their way down the converbelt of fashion into our fashion brand stores where they are dissected and manipulated into profitable garments.

The very reason for me writing about this is through no fault of my own fashionable self I have noticed the ever increasing number of Cath Kidston merchandise roaming the street. I admit, I’m guilty and I’ve catched this bug as I pour of Peppermint and Lime tea from my Cath Kidston teapot into a Cath Kidston teacup with matching saucer.

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