Thursday, 14 November 2013

Glitter Bomb on My Sleeve !

As consumers splurge and do their part to help the economy in the best city known to man, Manchester. And without the technicality of the Royal family living in London, my brown eyes would suggest and put forward that the majestic and fashion forward city of Manchester be the capital of England.
However, this is not the meaning of this post. For people who decide to read this, to hear about my love turned to addicted love with the humble city I live in. I have to sometimes remind myself that this is a blog about the latest in everything Fashion, and that not everyone is like myself when it comes to Fashion. I believe when I was born into the world, I was wearing a pair of high heels, probably Valentino or Vivienne Westwood. I am for ever reminding myself ‘Michelle not everyone has the same Fashion knowledge as you’ or ‘Michelle not everyone can style themselves or others as good as you’.
I watched today as the crowds of people awaited for H&M to open (I know this because I was in that crowd). The crowd looked like a herd of sheep in a field grazing (which reminds me of the Graze box I have recently tried and would recommend to others). The fashion followers were awaiting the launch of the Isabel Matara Collection for H&M. When the barriers arose and the doors were flung open the droves of followers quickly scavenged for anything and everything they could possess. In my opinion it did not matter if the garments from the newly released collection that the followers had managed to rummage together did not match, if the garments did create a whole outfit or if styling had gone indefinitely out of the window (which infact on closer look were actually absent from the H&M Market Street, Manchester Store and I don’t suspect any of the lucky followers had even took time to notice this fact as they were too busy inspecting the Isabel Matara Collection). When it comes to collection itself on first look and actually I thought everything to be basic and all around highly generic. Matara probably designed everything with the average H&M consumer in mind, with ever garment in the collection going with another with collection that H&M had to offer. This piece of trickery was done intentionally, therefore making every garment profitable, which in tail would be the very reasoning why H&M would do collaboration with Isabel Marant in the first place.

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