Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Child's Play !

For my latest Fashion Styling project I had to create a series of five or more still life editorial photographs based on the Spring 2011 accessories trends, and in some way incorporate a jigsaw into the photographs.

I looked at some examples of still life photography from James Wojcik and Anita Calero and was influenced by their work as they incorporated the accessorises into the photography to become a part of and to be disguised within the story.

James Wojcik

Anita Calero

From analysing the Spring 2011 runway shows it became evident that many accessories trends were emerging including equastrian themed, fringed materials, neon colours and the use of colour blocking which I decided to focus my photographs on.

I took great inspiration from designers such as Peter Jensen, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Versus who all adopted the colour block trend.

Peter Jensen
Louis Vuitton

Christian Dior


When sourcing my accessories I also took inspiration from other designers and the trends they were showing in their Spring 2011 collections.

Peep-Toe Shoes - Basso & Brooke

Peaked Framed Eyewear - Giles

Skinny Belts - MaxMara

My concept/story behind my final editorial photographs is 'Child's Play'. The bright colours used by many designers in the colour blocking trend in my opinion resembled the bright colours used in children's toys. I then thought that by using toys in my images, would be a successful way to incorporate a jigsaw within them.

Photography by Dana Sayadi
Styling by Michelle Makin

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