Saturday, 19 March 2011

Hollywood Education 101

My current fashion photography project requires me to look at the word and meaning of education. Through research and my personal thoughts I have diverted away to what most might think about this word and referenced Pink Floyd, Sports and from sex education i looked into erotic fashion photography. 
My next path of thought has led me to research in films, more in particular Hollywood movies based in High School.

Firstly, there is the 1978 blockbuster musical Grease.

Secondly, the 2004 movie Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan.

And thirdly, Disney's 2004 global hit, High School Musical

All three of these movies, although their releases span over almost three decades, tell a similar story. They look into the everyday life of High School where everyone is trying to fit in and where stereotypes are created to form different groups. 
The jocks ! The pretty girls ! The emos ! The geeks !

In my opinion it would be an interesting concept to look at the stereotypes created in High Schools and try to adapt these into a high end fashion editorial.

 I found this photograph my photographer David Lechapelle and in my opinion it evokes the idea of different groups within High Schools, this one being the more alternative group. I think the way in which a scene has been constructed for the image works well. I would potentially use this image as inspiration although I am not inspired by the styling within the photograph. I would consider this idea for a possible concept for my group and my final editorial. I hope to develop this idea further after more research. 

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