Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lights ! Camera ! Fashion !

Here are the final images from my fashion photography assignment. 
The story/concept of this series of images is that of a girl on a night out, the outfits she is wearing are made from recyclable materials, however my group and I created these garments in such a way that they can not be recognised as recyclable material but as wearable clothes

This first outfit is a corset and skirt made out of toilet tissue paper.

In this image I love the 'in the moment' look the photographer were able to capture.

In this image the model is wearing a dress made from black bin liner bags. I added a corsage I had previously made and featured on an earlier blog post.

This outfit is my favourite out of the three looks we had. I created this peplum bandeau top by firstly dying sheets of newspaper with beetroot juice to turn the paper a pink toned colour. I wrapped one sheet of newspaper around the model to create the bandeau top, and folding the newspaper in a concertina style I had achieved a peplum waist feature.

This is my overall favourite image from the series. I think the models pose captures the mood we wanted to portray whilst still keeping the art direction in mind which is visible from her contorted pose.

Photography - Aislinn Wood and Hannah Michelle Tennick
Styling - Michelle Makin

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