Wednesday, 30 March 2011

geek est tres chic !

The word education has been projected onto the catwalk and onto the pages of our fashion magazines.

Designers have been able to transform our perception of what we class as a geek, turning the timid teenager who stayed in on his own, asked for extra homework and had no luck with girls into an on trend, well dressed  man with chiseled facial features and a strut of power and confidence. 

These photographs are from designer Etro's Spring 2010 Menswear collection. I really like the styling of these models and how a preppy/geek look has been made high end and fashionable. I would use elements of this collection to help me source garments and accessories and also to help inspire the looks of my models for my photographs such as the bow tie.

This photograph is from Jill Sander's 2011 Menswear Ad Campaign. This clearly shows a high end fashion and modern interpretation of the geek look. From this I have learnt that glasses are an important part of the look and I will consider this when sourcing the garments for the styling of this fashion shoot. Secondly, the sleek gelled back hair with a parting maybe a hair style to try on my chosen model.

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