Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Picture Perfect !

I discovered the photographer Eve Arnold while reading through my new book' The Fashion Book' and was wonderfully surprised to find out she photographed Marilyn Monroe.
 In 1952, following a photo shoot for Esquire magazine, Marilyn Monroe and Eve Arnold formed a friendships. Eve is the only woman to have photographed Monroe extensively. Although many photographers portrayed Marilyn's sex symbol status, Eve captured some of the most tender images ever seen of the Hollywood starlet.She was one of the only photographers who Monroe trusted and therefore allowed her exclusive access into her life.
I've decided to post these photographs because firstly they're of one of my heroine and idols. Secondly, because the photographs are in black and white which is personally my favourite method of photography. Eve has been able to capture Marilyn Monroe away from the Hollywood spotlights, camera and fame. You could say that Eve Arnold isn't photographing Marilyn Monroe but Norma Jeane  .

Here are a selection of images of Marilyn Monroe photographed by Eve Arnold.

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